Soooo stoked I made it home in time to ski fresh powder! Winter has arrived in Utah and I couldn't be happier. #poweryourpassion @jaybirdsport photo: @parkcityrob

When you hike through the night, the miles seem to disappear like a dream beneath your feet. The pain and suffering melts away. And then, the first hint of sunrise gently nudges you awake. Photo: transitioning into crampons around 16,500' on the Jamapa glacier of Pico de Orizaba. #MexiSnowGetaway @graysonschaffer @outsidemagazine @brodyleven Happy to be home now in one piece.

18 hrs after arriving in Mexico, we were nearing the summit of Pico de Orizaba. @graysonwyatt entering the pain cave around 18,000'. #MexiSnowGetaway @outsidemagazine @brodyleven #poweryourpassion

I grew up in Minnesota, so snowy winters have always been a way of life for me. I love snow so much! Which is why I felt compelled to go to DC with @protectourwinters to talk about the effects of I've climate change I've seen, and how they are affecting the $60 billion dollar snowsports industry. But it's more than dollars. It's a way of life I want to preserve for future generations. Now, I'm off to vacation. @brodyleven, @graysonwyatt and I are going to Mexico, with two days to climb and ski the highest volcano in North America. Wish me luck, because this might hurt. #MexiSnowGetaway Photo: @louisarevalo

So stoked to be in DC with @protectourwinters, talking about climate change and its effects on the snowsports community with the EPA and Senators! It's so awesome to share our stories and make our voices heard. #AthletesActOnClimate

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Washington, DC with @protectourwinters. We are doing a @Twitter Town Hall with @GinaEPA on Tuesday to have a conversation with the winter sports community about climate, snow sports and carbon standards. Ask us questions anytime from now til Tues. morning on Twitter using #AthletesActOnClimate hashtag. We will answer questions from 10:15-10:45. I am beyond excited for this opportunity! After DC, I'm heading on an exotic ski mountaineering adventure. Stay tuned for more updates from a crazy week ahead!

Sooo stoked to be back on skis!!!

Huge thanks to everyone who came to my #chamonixoxo slideshow last night at @zealoptics! I felt so much love from the Boulder community. So awesome to meet you all and share stories on a cold, snowy Thursday night. thanks to all the sponsors who supported the silent auction and @protectourwinters fundraiser! #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz @goalzero @lekiusa @bigagnes_ @jaybirdsport @clifbarcompany @patagonia

I steep skiing and cannot wait to get back on my skis. Is it winter yet? This pic is from one of my best days last season, skiing the West Couloir of the Chardonnet in Cham. Photo: @ktmillerphoto On a similar note, if you are in Boulder tomorrow night and want to learn more about my trip to Chamonix, come check out my slideshow at 6pm at @zealoptics headquarters. There will also be a fundraiser for @protectourwinters with lots of great items from my sponsors, @jaybirdsport @bigagnes_ @patagonia @goalzero @clifbarcompany @lekiusa. Hope to see you there!#chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams

I loved waking up to the chill in the air this morning. Bring it on, winter. I'm ready. Photo: Frozen pigtail braids after a very cold sunset ski tour in the Wasatch backcountry. @liamjski #bigmtndreams

Summit smiles after some spicymixed knife-edge ridge walking. If climbing up the South Ridge of Superior ever seems easy to you, may I suggest adding weight to your pack and wearing mountain boots? And why not throw add a little snow and ice into the mix and some brisk wind? It took a little longer than usual, but I made it up that mountain. Photo: @parkcityrob #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz

Good evening from Little Cottonwood. I enjoyed this lovely sunset from the top of Superior after an afternoon scramble up the South Ridge. #poweryourpassion @jaybirdsport #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz

I'm learning that suffering is an inherent part of happiness. It's hard to describe the roller coaster of emotions this past week has been. I went on one of the hardest trips of my life – up to Seattle for @liz_daley's memorial party. It was a sad yet beautiful celebration of life with an awesome group of people. I carry with me an indescribable sense of loss, but also a deep gratitude for the time we spent together. And a reminder to stay positive and keep dancing, because life is pretty awesome. Her memorial party prompted me to dig up this old video clip from our first trip together in Chile. #livelikeliz

It's almost snow and ice season- here's a little Wednesday workout motivation – pull-ups on ice tools! Part of "Training for the New Alpinism." The book has a special strength program used for pull-ups (book link in profile). #icephoto #bigmtndreams video: @chris_twosherpas

It's not too late to drop in and vote! Voting is an action we can all take now to protect our winters. Vote for the environment. There are a few hours left. If you haven't already, go do it. #dropinandvote #votetheenvironment photo: @brentbensonphotography

Good evening from @snowbird. Some days you summit and other days, you need to unwind and recharge. I'm learning that it's important to take recovery seriously. One of my favorite recovery activities is the yoga- hot tub- steam room trifecta at the Cliff Spa at @snowbird! Here's the sunset from the spa. It was a gorgeous night to be up in the mountains. #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz

Had to get up to @altaskiarea yesterday to play in the new snow and to do some @patagonia product testing. The snow angel is one test to simulate the demands of deep powder skiing. Photo : @brookegaynes #livelikeliz

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone is having a fun and safe weekend of tricks and treats. I was stoked to get out and do a little costume crack climbing in Little Cottonwood yesterday before the snow! Love this neon pink onesie I had in my costume box. Photo: @brookegaynes #livelikeliz

3 days of meetings at @patagonia remind me how stoked I am to be an ambassador for this company. One of the reasons is because of their willingness to disrupt the status quo. Example: all fall 2014 jackets have #traceabledown. Unwilling to accept conventional down standards, @patagonia went ahead and traced every cluster of down to ensure that is came from birds who were never force fed or live plucked. In doing so, they established the highest animal welfare standards in the apparel industry. It's that willingness to ask the hard questions and find the deeper truth that makes them a remarkable company. Not all down is equal. Find out more at #whatthepluck

One of the best things about this @Patagonia ambassador summit is the opportunity to meet all the athletes. There's so much to learn from other outdoor athletes, from the surfers to the fly fishing team to the trail runners and the climbers (especially @katerutherford and Kitty Calhoun, pictured here). I loved watching Kate's smooth climbing style and getting Kitty's nutrition tips for high altitude climbing expeditions! It was a real treat to get out and climb with everyone today. #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz

Be wild, authentic and free. It took a certain rebelliousness for me to understand that I could pursue my passion for the mountains. I'm so grateful to be spending the week at @patagonia headquarters with 70+ other athletes who have figured out how to pursue their passions and dreams. So much inspiration, my head is spinning after just one day here! #stoked @louisarevalo

Adventure is a state of mind. Go see what's around the next corner. I love exploring my backyard ranges as much as I love traveling to far away mountains. So stoked I made it back up to the Uintas before the snow covers the road. Excellent day in the mtns with @thegription and @louisarevalo for @gowithoutwalls. Photo: @louisarevalo #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz

As I'm getting ready to head to a @patagonia ambassador summit this week, I can't help but think about @liz_daley. I just hope she knew how much she inspired me, and how much I enjoyed our time together. It's a good reminder to be honest and open about your feelings and live and love the present moment with all your heart. #livelikeliz #bigmtndreams

I love starting my weekend with a trail run. Sometimes it's more energizing than a cup of coffee. Here's #myrunningpal @brookegaynes, 6.5 months pregnant, active and smiling! #fitspiration

Good partners make even the most miserable slogs enjoyable. When I told @brodyleven that I was going to load up my pack with extra weight, I was sure he would bail on our plans. Instead, he added 20 lbs to his pack so we could chat along the way. So grateful for all my awesome training partners! #myrunningpal #bigmtndreams

Last night's training: climbing the South Ridge of Superior in mountain boots with 20% of my body weight in my pack. It seems crazy to carry all that unnecessary weight up 3000' until you realize it's the perfect training for ski mountaineering. #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz #utavy #usaw14 photo: @brodyleven

Sunset from the South Ridge of Superior. It was such a beautiful night to be up in the mountains. #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz

One of my tips for living a healthy, active lifestyle is to plan activities with people who are similarly motivated and who have a positive, uplifting energy! This week, I'm hoping to hit the trails with @brookegaynes, an absolute shining star and one of my favorite partners in crime. #livelikeliz #bigmtndreams @altaskiarea @johngaynes

How I love the snow! Reminiscing last Sunday's training hike at @snowbird- and how lovely it was to walk around in the snow and ice. #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz #embracetheelements

Two thumbs up for the summit of the thumb! I was elated to stand on this feature that I have been staring at for so long. You know that thing in your town that you've always wanted to do? Now's the time to go do it! Happy weekend adventuring everyone! #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz @brodyleven

Climbing success seems to come down to one's ability to withstand discomfort, whether it's the weight of a heavy pack on your shoulders or the slow drip of dirty water on you as you place gear in a wet and slippery chimney (pictured here). How you deal with discomfort is the difference between success and failure. It takes a total acceptance of the present moment. You learn to love those things, the intense wind in your face, cold fingertips, painful feet and fatigue because they teach you lessons about yourself and provide the opportunity to grow. @brodyleven #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz

Is it winter yet? A reminder of what I'm training for: skiing the biggest mountains in the world. #tbt to topping out on the Dent Du Geant to ski the South Face last spring. Photo: @tom_grant_ #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz

Is that pure stoke…or fear in my eyes? There's a fine line between what is fun and what is scary. The best adventures are the ones where you're dancing on that line, keeping all the elements and emotions harmoniously balanced. Approaching the thumb yesterday morning… Photo by @brodyleven #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz

Ever since I first saw "The thumb," I've wanted to climb it. Yesterday, I made my 10+ year dream a reality. Everything came together for an adventure of epic proportions, and, thankfully, we made it home in time for dinner. It takes just the right partner to have success on an outing like this and I'm so grateful @brodyleven (pictured here, on the approach) was willing and able! #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz

Some vertical feet are gained easier than others. But I love the challenge! Climbing multi-pitch granite trad routes makes me think of @liz_daley. She inspired me to push myself and get on the sharp end. Going to do an LCC classic today that would make her proud. #livelikeliz photo: @brodyleven #bigmtndreams

I went rock climbing. It was awesome. (@brodyleven, pictured here, is a writer and he helped me write this caption. Check out his profile for many tales of inspiring adventures). #bigmtndreams

Today's workout: Carrying 20% of my body weight up 3000 vertical feet today at @snowbird. The weight is in water jugs (1 gallon=8 lbs), which can easily be emptied for the down. It's one of the recommendations from "Training for the New Alpinism," an awesome guidebook by @stevehouse10 and Scott Johnston. I highly recommend it to help you achieve your big mountain goals, whether you are a weekend warrior or an elite alpinist. Available through @patagonia books- Link in profile. #bigmtndreams #exploremore #livelikeliz

The cooler temps have me getting so stoked for winter, and continuing to train hard with a heavy, weighted pack. For those of you who live near Utah- the Utah Snow and Avalanche Workshop (#USAW14) is coming up Nov. 1! The UT Avy center wants to know how you are training for 14/15 winter. Follow @utavy, share a photo or video showing what you are doing, tag #utavy and #usaw14 and enter to win great prizes. @matthewturley

The fall colors are firing! Continuing my year-round love affair with Little Cottonwood Canyon. Here's one from today's training hike at @snowbird. #bigmtndreams

I'll never forget watching the lunar eclipse on the glacier in Alaska with @liz_daley, @_jt_photo and @jaybeyerimaging. I was freezing, but it was such a fabulous way to start our first ever ski/snowboard trips to Alaska. #akgirls_way #find_away #livelikeliz

How does a ski mountaineer train for steep skiing in the off-season? Here's one way. Mastering my scree hop turn technique on Cascade. Video: @matthewturley #bigmtndreams

Cascade Mountain Summit. Part of my passion for mountain climbing comes from a childlike curiosity. I always wonder what is around the next corner, so I explore to find out. It gives me a deep sense of satisfaction, whether I summit or not. #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz #exploremore @matthewturley

Sometimes the simple act of smiling and dancing can change your whole mood. Today, I'm grateful for life. And this pile of rocks. #livelikeliz #bigmtndreams photo: @matthewturley

Sunset hike to the top of Mt. Wolverine in loving memory of our fallen friends. With @erikka_g @brodyleven @brookegaynes and @johngaynes. #livelikeliz #bigmtndreams

Bongeater was the last climb my friend @tonypavlantos did with @liz_daley. Today, I put on my pinkest, sparkliest leggings and we climbed this beautiful splitter in her memory. There's nothing quite like crack climbing to take your mind off the loss of a friend. Liz, I'll always channel your spirit when I'm pulling the crux move on bongeater.

Yesterday was a hard day for the snowsports community. Three of our friends died in avalanches in South America, including my dear friend @liz_daley. Liz had a sparkle that shined through everything she did. She was an inspiration because of her enthusiasm and her abilities. For every challenge she encountered, she confronted it with creativity, a positive attitude and love. And that is the spirit, her legacy, for us to carry on. She'll be in my heart forever. My love goes to all her friends and family. Big hugs to everyone!

A bit of mixed ridge climbing today en route to the American Fork Twin Peaks from @snowbird. 4" or so up high. So happy to be in the snow! Photo: @matthewturley

There are these moments, when I get to the top of a peak…I think about how much I love climbing. Then, I remember what I'm really training for. Climbing is part of it but for me, it's all about skiing the lines of my dreams. I cannot wait for the mountains to be covered in snow!!! Not long now… #bigmtndreams #winterlove

There's nothing quite like waking up in a sea of mountains, cloaked in shimmering golden light. Sometimes the most challenging thing is not to run away to the mountains everyday but to sit and do the work that allows me to get there. #exploremore #bigmtndreams

Today's training included some weighted hill climbs. I was stoked to spend some time on the trail with my nephew, Peter. Sunday funday with the family. #bigmtndreams #exploremore