Sometimes, it is necessary to delve into what scares you the most. As a professional skier, I've spent years chasing the softest, fluffiest snow. Rocks and ice are a powder skier's worst nightmare. As I've progressed as a ski mountaineer, I've been forced to make friends with these elements. Thanks @majkaburhardt for leading me into a place of deep fear and satiating my desire to feel vulnerable and alive. I'm more comfortable on ice (especially the steep kind) than I've ever been before. This climb is called Promenade. We looked up the meaning of the word:

Finding the #linesofmydreams in New Hampshire! The East delivers. @majkaburhardt trading her crampons for skis on the steep descent of the Green Chasm Gulley on Mt Webster. Today was the culmination of our 6-day #wintermixedchix ski and ice climbing trip. @patagonia #bigmtndreams

It was incredibly inspiring to watch @majkaburhardt lead the first female ascent of Within Reason (WI6) in the Hanging Gardens today (while belaying inside the cave, where I snapped this pic). When you witness an athletic achievement like this, it opens your mind to what is possible! Congrats Majka on the send! #climblikeagirl #wintermixedchix

Ski to climb and climb to ski. The line between disciplines is beginning to blur. The idea to do this trip came after the @patagonia global ambassador summit, where 74 athletes from all disciplines came together to collaborate. I'm so grateful to have to opportunity to further my ice climbing skills by following @majkaburhardt on her backyard NH lines! #wintermixedchix photo: @berndzeugswetter

It's good to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself. Continuing to expand my ice climbing skills and turn my weakness into my strength. Thanks @majkaburhardt for showing me your backyard lines. #wintermixedchix @patagonia #poweryourpassion #bigmtndreams

Today, I was delighted to both ski and climb on Mt. Washington! I got my first taste of the dangerously erratic weather this peak is famous for. Sunny in the am, stormy in the pm- Huntington Ravine was fun to explore and we enjoyed the hero afternoon ice on Pinnacle! So grateful to @majkaburhardt for mentoring me on my ice skills! Photo: @mountainsense #wintermixedchix #skitoclimb

Day two at @majkaburhardt boot camp-In our hunt for the most aesthetic ice, we climbed Promenade, a steep, intimidatingly sustained ice route at Lake Willoughby in Vermont. It was by far the hardest ice I've ever climbed. Just when I thought I couldn't keep going, I dug a little deeper to find more energy. Majka is a she beast! Gnarliest lead ever. I'm so grateful to @berndzeugswetter, @mountainsense and @majkaburhardt for giving me great feedback and coaching on my steep ice technique. #wintermixedchix @patagonia

First day ice climbing in New Hampshire! It was inspiring to watch @majkaburhardt send Widow Watch (and attempt to follow her bold lead)! Feeling the burn but excited for more NEice! #wintermixedchix

How early would you wake up to chase something you love? It's been a week of pre-dawn wake-ups in the Wasatch, chasing light and searching for soft snow. Now, I'm on my way to the next adventure – ice and mixed climbing and ski touring in snowy New Hampshire with @majkaburhardt! Hope all those pull-ups pay off! #wintermixed photo: @rob.lea

With a few days at home on a break between trips, I've had a chance to visit a few of my favorite Wasatch lines. Here's a new-to-me variation of Little Pine chute. Huge thanks to @hopturnharry for showing me this one. #bigmtndreams @rob.lea

I love looking at the world from a ridge top. Me in my happy place today. Photo @rob.lea #bigmtndreams #poweryourpassion

Stoked for a return to winter in the Wasatch! It was a magical Sunday funday in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Now I'm ready for a nap. #bigmtndreams

Our #akgirls_way edit is now live! I'm so grateful for the time I got to spend with Liz, especially on this trip, snow camping on the glacier and hiking and climbing to our lines. It's been really hard for me to come to terms with her death, but I'm learning to accept that death is an essential part of life, and to find the beauty in that. To accept that, I too, am going to die. This video reminds me to cherish every moment and find aliveness everyday. Check out the video (link in profile) and let me know what you think! #find_away #livelikeliz @liz_daley @_jt_photo @jaybeyerimaging

I always like to make my workouts a little more challenging. Today, I added training weight in an unexpected way when @brookegaynes and I took her newborn @huckgaynes on his first ski tour at @altaskiarea! He loved it- actually, he slept peacefully the entire time, soothed to sleep by the gentle movement of skinning uphill on skis. I'm not sure if I want to become a mom someday or not, but it's reassuring to know that you can still get out with a baby onboard! #bigmtndreams

So incredibly honored and stoked to be on the cover of March's @backcountrymag! Huge thanks to @tessweaver for pitching and writing the story on me and to @jaybeyerimaging for taking the picture. And to all my sponsors and everyone else who has supported me and my #bigmtndreams! @patagonia @zealoptics @jaybirdsport @nordicausa @lekiusa @prethelmets @goalzero @clifbarcompany @petzl_official @delormegps @bigagnes_ @elementalherbs #livelikeliz

In the past week, we ran, climbed, skied, paddled and surfed our way through Oregon on a winter road trip adventure across the state. It was an amazing experience taking over the @traveloregon Instagram! A huge thanks for the opportunity and everyone who helped along the way. After a few weeks of travel, I'm stoked to be home, to dry out the gear and rest up for the next adventure. #traveloregon #skioregon #bigmtndreams @rob.lea

In 24 hours, we went from skiing off the summit of Mt. Hood to surfing on the Oregon coast. It's been a whirlwind of a trip, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Valentine's Day! @rob.lea #traveloregon

Magical light on Mt. Hood today. #skioregon @rob.lea

Smith Rock has been on my bucket list ever since I learned how to climb. It's a climber's Mecca, with thousands of routes of all levels. I'm so glad I got to cruise a few pitches today! Huge thanks to Jim Ablao from Chockstone Climbing for helping me maximize my time! So stoked! #traveloregon #bigmtndreams

Skied off the summit of Mt. Bachelor today. Being up here in the PNW reminds me of @liz_daley. It's a bittersweet feeling- to remember the joy we shared in the mountains while still feeling a sharp tinge of pain from the recent loss. To keep her spirit alive, we are creating a #livelikeliz fund to support women and their outdoor aspirations. Check out the link in my profile and consider contributing so that Liz's spirit can live on. #traveloregon #bigmtndreams

I felt naked skiing without my backpack today. As much as I love the human powered ski touring experience, it felt great to get a bump from the lifts today at @mtbachelor. #mtbachelorstoked #skioregon @findmeoutside

Beautiful ski tour today at Crater Lake. Next stop, Bend and Mt. Bachelor! #traveloregon #skioregon @rob.lea

We found winter! I was so excited when we first encountered snow line. Little did I know how wintery it would be at Crater Lake. Let it snow! #traveloregon @rob.lea

One of the benefits of trail running in the rain=rainbows! It was one of those kind of days- rainbows everywhere! Delighted to be in Oregon this week for a @traveloregon instagram takeover. #traveloregon @rob.lea

And the real packing shot.

And the real packing shot.

Fake packing shot, check. T-minus 18 hours until the real adventure begins- so excited for this week's @traveloregon Instagram takeover! @rob.lea

Post ski tour stoke with @krinster and @mitchellcaitlinj! Such a lovely morning walking in the mountains with fun people. @rob.lea #skidavida

I'm back in the USA and already gearing up for the next adventure. Next week, I'm excited to go explore the many wonders of Oregon, from summit to sea. Follow along as I take over the @skioregon Instagram account. Photo: topping out on the last line I skied in Slovenia. @sonilmose

The Julian Alps have captured my heart. What is it about skiing and climbing that is so romantic? I love the blue shutters on this refugio and the fantasy of waking up here to ski the #linesofmydreams. #Sloveniandreams

Good morning from the Julian Alps. My time exploring these mountains is coming to an end, but this morning's ski tour was a high note to finish the trip with. #Sloveniandreams

We climbed through this hole in the rock and skied from Italy into Slovenia! Such a cool tour. Thanks @sonilmose for showing us around your mountains. @jaybeyerimaging #Sloveniandreams @lekiusa

Tonight's training: a few sets of stairwell pull-ups. Gotta keep my climbing muscles strong even on a ski trip. Thanks @sonilmose for the encouragement and videography and @romboss for the delicious dinner! #trainingforthenewalpinism #bigmtndreams

Hunting for powder with @jaybeyerimaging today in my #Sloveniandreams. @patagonia

So much new snow here in Slovenia!Whether you're in the mountains or watching the Super Bowl, I hope you're having a Sunday fun day! @jaybeyerimaging #Sloveniandreams #poweryourpassion @jaybirdsport

"The art of adventure is not dying." -Reinhold Messner. …Sometimes the high mountains welcome you, other times it's best to admire them from afar. …We are making conservative choices after a big snowfall has caused high avalanche danger in #Slovenia. The sadness of losing fellow @patagonia ambassador @american_dave still weighs heavily in my mind. …It's hard to walk away from a big objective. But I want to live to ski another day. #Sloveniandreams

I came to Slovenia to find a new challenge. It's always difficult to figure out terrain and snowpack in a new country, especially when your group is self-guided and human-powered (and jet lagged). Sometimes, you have to slow down, take a step back, and deal with setbacks, whether it's the weather or transportation. Sometimes it's hard to accept a new plan that was not your first choice, but then I remember, life is not always about the summits, the real goal is to have the most fun. Smiling in a snowstorm in the Julian Alps! @jaybeyerimaging #embracetheelements @jaybirdsport #Sloveniandreams @independentdescents

Finding the #lineofmydreams with @jaybeyerimaging and @independentdescents. #Sloveniandreams

Exploring the vast wildness of Triglav National Park with @jaybeyerimaging and @independentdescents. Triglav is one of the oldest European national parks. It's interesting to consider how different the mountain experience is in the Alps vs parts of the U.S. How does wilderness make you feel? #Sloveniandreams #bigmtndreams

#Sloveniandreams come true! Ascending a line of my dreams in the Julian Alps with @jaybeyerimaging. Regram from @independentdescents. #bigmtndreams

Growing up in Minnesota, I've always been inspired by the alpine- the high places where you can surround yourself with the toothiest, most jagged rock. Being around these peaks gives me a sense of direction that I never had in the frozen flatlands of the Midwest. And I was delighted by what we found on our first day in Slovenia today. #Sloveniandreams

Often, the inspiration for a trip comes from a photo. One year ago, @evahouse showed me pictures of ski lines near her hometown that she stared at as a little girl. I couldn't forget those beautiful mountains, and have been dreaming of them since. I wish Eva could have come with, but I'm excited to begin exploring with the boys. First day in the Julian Alps, with @independentdescents and @jaybeyerimaging #Sloveniandreams #bigmtndreams

Zdravo! Greetings from Slovenia! CG travel tip of the day: try to learn a few words and key phrases in the language of the country you're visiting, even if people speak English. It's fun to practice and locals are usually happy to help you learn. Here's me, tired and jet lagged, on the car ride from Italy to Slovenia brushing up on my Slovene. Can't wait to get into the mountains tomorrow! #Sloveniandreams #bigmtndreams @patagonia @jaybeyerimaging

It's hard to leave the beautiful ridge tops of the Wasatch that I love so much, but I'm excited and grateful for the opportunity to travel and make our #Sloveniandreams a reality. Our second time at the airport was successful and I'm onboard with @jaybeyerimaging and @independentdescents, ready to depart! #bigmtndreams @acpictures

It looks like Slovenia will remain a dream for two more days because one of our team member's passport will expire in 82 days and you need 90 days to travel. We leave Saturday now. But the upside is I got to meet @sashadigiulian at #orwm2015 today! I have been a big fan of hers for awhile and I'm constantly inspired by her posts, especially her recent progression into mixed climbing! I love all the awesome people I get to work with in the outdoor industry and it was so good to see them at @outdoorretailer! Today was a good reminder to let people know how much you appreciate them. And keep your passport current if you want to be an international traveler. #sloveniandreams #bigmtndreams

It's been an awesome start to the season in Utah but I'm off to the next adventure. Starting with Slovenia (with @jaybeyerimaging and @independentdescents), I'm about to embark on a series of trips that will put all my training to the test. #sloveniandreams #bigmtndreams @rob.lea

Training my trail breaking muscles tonight at @momentumclimbing. I'm excited to put all my training to use, soon. #sloveniandreams But first, a day at the @outdoorretailer show. If you're at #orwm2015 tomorrow, stop by the @jaybirdsport booth from 2-3pm and say hi! #bigmtndreams #trainingforthenewalpinism

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." -MLK Dancing on the edge of darkness on Mt. Superior. A reminder to go forward and do everything with love in the heart. Happy MLK Jr. weekend everyone. : @louisarevalo #poweryourpassion @jaybirdsport

Finding beauty on wind-scoured ridge tops on today's exploratory tour with @parkcityrob. We decided to go wander in the backyard and reached a place in the Wasatch I've never been before. Sometimes it's good to have a map to the summit but sometimes it's fun to have an unknown adventure. I always love a new challenge. #bigmtndreams

Messy hair don't care on a lovely Saturday walk in the Wasatch. @parkcityrob #bigmtndreams