Racking up at the base of the West Slabs earlier this week. How do you train to make your #bigmtndreams a reality? Photo: @rob.lea #poweryourpassion @jaybirdsport

Throwing it back to our ill-advised trip to ski the highest volcano in North America, #orizaba, in a day (which is currently featured in the May issue of @outsidemagazine). I wouldn't recommend foolishly going straight from sea level to 18,500', but if you must, make sure your partners are stoked and positive optimists and good communicators like @brodyleven and @graysonschaffer. What qualities do you look for in mountain partners? #mexisnowgetaway #bigmtndreams

Earth day everyday! "Living the examined life," says @patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, "is a pain in the ass." But it's time to use our human ingenuity and resourcefulness to "make economic life more socially just and environmentally responsible, and less destructive to nature and the commons that sustain us." -excerpt from The Responsible CompanyHappy Earth Year! Photo: @rob.lea

Friends who sweat together, stick together. Sunsets on the trail with @brookegaynes and @huckgaynes. Brooke is one of my favorite adventure partners. I connected with her through the wonderful network of rad outdoor chicas on @instagram. So grateful to this community! Check out her account and give her a follow for more awesome sunset shots!

West slabs ridge top dance party tonight with @rob.lea! Love that route, and simul-climbing it was great training as a rope team for bigger objectives to come! #bigmtndreams

I think I would have been a better student if I had a treadmill desk, because my mind doesn't start working until my body starts moving. Does anyone else find it hard to sit still and think? A nice long walk on skis or dirt is a great way to start the day! Another @jaybeyerimaging photo from our #akgirls_way trip to the Tordrillos last spring. #bigmtndreams

The mountains offer new challenge everyday. Snow, especially, is such a rapidly-changing element. Just a few degrees of temperature or slope angle can be the difference between enjoyable skiing or not. But that's the thrill, venturing into the unknown to try and figure it out. Photo: @jaybeyerimaging from our #akgirls_way trip last spring. #bigmtndreams Thank you to all my followers, new and old, for coming along on the adventure and sharing stories. Let me know if you have any questions!

As the winter winds down here in Utah, I'm reminiscing on some of my favorite memories from the 14/15 season, which include this day, skiing on Mt. Webster in New Hampshire after ice climbing the Green Chasm with fellow @patagonia ambassador @majkaburhardt on our #wintermixedchix trip. These are the moments I live for… #bigmtndreams

When seasons collide…the delicate dance between spring and winter. Snow will always be my first love.

Calling all Uinta hikers, backpackers and trail runners interested in merging sport and conservation! @adventurescience is looking for volunteers to collect data about wolverine and lynx populations in the High Uinta Wilderness. After two training weekends, chosen applicants will maintain two baited camera trap stations once a month through Sept., hiking 12-18 miles on each mission. For more info, check out: adventurescience.org/Uinta-carnivore-surveyPhoto: @louisarevalo

Sunset/star-gazing training trail run/tree climb on Antelope Island tonight. @jaybirdsport #poweryourpassion photo: @rob.lea

Sweet dreams everyone! Here's a little glimpse of my #bigmtndreams.#latergram from the summit of Mt Hood in February. photo: @rob.lea

A little slo-mo behind the scenes video clip from a photo shoot I did yesterday at @snowbird for @jaybirdsport. #poweryourpassion video: @anastocio

How much do you love to play in the snow? There are still freshies out there! One from yesterday's sunrise at @snowbird. @rob.lea

Good morning from Hidden Peak @snowbird. #bigmtndreams

I'm excited to be taking over the @snowbird Instagram account for the next two days. With 8" of fresh snow already and a few more forecasted overnight, tomorrow should be heavenly! Stay tuned for more updates from the mountain. #birdathlete photo: one of my favorite experiences while skiing is spotting a sundog, like this one, pictured here from a few seasons ago. @scottmarkewitz

Waiting for the storm…Making the most of conditions today in the Wasatch with @alyssalarson_mt, @brodyleven and @rob.lea. The skiing in Wolverine was good training for something! #bigmtndreams

"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting." -e e cummings #LivelikeLiz #akgirls_way

Happy Easter! An oldie but a goodie. Photo: @brentbensonphotography @snowbird

Good morning from the Wasstch. Despite being one of the lowest snow years on record, Upper Little Cottonwood Canyon looks pretty good. #ActOnClimate @protectourwinters

Psyched for the sunrise. Flashing it back to this day in January, on set, shooting for a @goalzero video. The final edit is out- check out the link in my profile to learn more of the story behind my #bigmtndreams! Huge thanks to @wasatchandy, @crossroadstudios and @rob.lea for a fun day in the mountains and for all their hard work hauling heavy camera equipment up the mountain at a semi-unreasonable hour of the morning! #GetOutStayOut #solarlife

"On a long day moving in the mountains, I enjoy the peaceful serenity of just putting one foot in front of another." So honored to be featured in this week's National Geographic Adventure Extreme Photo of the Week! Check out http://adventure.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/extreme-photo-of-the-week/ to read more. Photo: @jaybeyerimaging #sloveniandreams

Last time I hiked King's Peak, I took three days . This time, it took a half day. Huge thanks to locally based online retailer @skimo_co for helping me lighten the load. Check out skimo.co for all your fast n light ski mountaineering needs. I'm still a freeride skier at heart, but I take inspiration from many mountain athletes, from rando racers to alpinists, ice climbers, boulderers, and trail runners. All you athletes on Instagram, Keep on inspiring! #bigmtndreams

I love spring skiing! Temps look good for a corn cycle in the Wasatch this week. #bigmtndreams

Suicide in jeans. Gotta love spring skiing. Photo: @rob.lea

"You're stronger than you think," said @rob.lea to me as we left the car on our journey to the highest point in Utah. I honestly didn't know if we would be able to pull this one off (I admit, I packed a small emergency bivy bag just in case). On a big endurance day, my energy comes in waves. But positive thinking leads to positive action and this mantra of strength kept my spirits high. Photo: After hours of skinning on flats, it was refreshing to start boot packing up a steep couloir. Rob breaking trail in the harsh Uinta sun. #bigmtndreams

Kings Peak, on skis! Yesterday, I completed a goal of mine to climb and ski the highest peak in Utah in a single push. It was over a marathon distance (29 miles) and the perfect way to celebrate @rob.lea's birthday. Not nearly the sufferfest I expected. Training pays off! #bigmtndreams

I'mlearning how to find balance in life and training, balance between hard days and easy days, between pouring my heart and energy into a project and then re-cooperating to plan the next, and literally finding my balance with each footstep on exposed ridge traverses with skis on the back (like this one pictured here with @rob.lea) photo: @acpictures #bigmtndreams

Stoked for a fresh coat of paint and a return to winter in the Wasatch so I can do more of this! Photo: booting up the Sliver couloir last week, : @rob.lea

Enjoy the present moment. Living it up today at @altaskiarea. Photo: @rob.lea #bigmtndreams

Happy spring! Spring is the best for steep skiing. While the number of ski lines that are in condition may be limited this spring in the Wasatch, I'm not giving up. The rocks add an exciting technical challenge, on the up and the down. Still fun to be had in the mountains. Photo: @rob.lea #bigmtndreams #ActOnClimate @protectourwinters

#tbt to yesterday- one of the most character-building approaches and exits of my life. Some vertical feet are gained more easily than others. Feral+Caroline bushwhacking equals nickname Feraline! #bigmtndreams #carolinescouloirproject photo: @rob.lea

Part of the appeal of ski mountaineering is the challenge of the climb. The ski lines in Hogum Fork truly embody this- there's no easy way to reach them. Which makes the reward that much sweeter. I love this corner of the Wasatch! #bigmtndreams #poweryourpassion @jaybirdsport Photo: @rob.lea

Corn farming on Box Elder Peak. Photo: @rob.lea #chutinggallery #bigmtndreams

The Wasatch never ceases to inspire. Here's a shot from yesterday's summit. Can anyone name the peak this photo was taken from? #bigmtndreams #poweryourpassion @jaybirdsport

Sunday is a good day for a sufferfest. I was so happy to go for a long walk in the Wasatch today. Even though it's a warm, low snow year, there's still fun to be had (with a good attitude and bit of perseverance). #ActOnClimate @protectourwinters photo: @rob.lea

I'm so excited for springtime, and grateful to have a few weeks at home to catch up and pursue personal ski mountaineering projects! And it was great to catch up with @brookegaynes and Oliver on a recovery run! Woohoo for springtime! #stoked #bigmtndreams

Here's the flyer for today's event at Western State! Come check out the event if you're around Gunnison, CO. #backcountrybasecamp #bigmtndreams #chamonixoxo

I'm always curious how people first get into outdoor pursuits. Often, it seems like a friend or family member is a big influencer. What was your earliest mountain memory that got you hooked? Mine was backpacking in the Wind River Range with my brothers and dad when I was ten. Huge thanks to @majkaburhardt for taking the time to mentor me on ice! #wintermixedchix photo: @berndzeugswetter

Today in the Wasatch. Happy to be home for a hot second. This Thursday, March 12, I will be visiting Western State in Colorado for beacon drills and a talk about my Cham trip as part of @backcountrymag Basecamp at Crested Butte. Come say hi! Beacon drill at 4:30 and presentation at 6! #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams photo: @rob.lea

One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that sometimes you have to accept failure. This day, even following @majkaburhardt's WI6 lead was too much for me. Sure it was hard on my ego, but I'm realistic. It takes many years to hone all the skills to become successful. I'm grateful to have the chance to continue progressing my skill set, putting in the long hours and hard work it takes to get better. #bigmtndreams #wintermixedchix photo: @berndzeugswetter

There's a reason so many of the world's best climbers and skiers are from the NE. It's an amazing training ground for alpinism. Back home in sunny Utah now recovering from an intense trip! Huge thanks to @majkaburhardt @berndzeugswetter and @mountainsense for all your guidance and mentorship on the ice and for showing me your backyard lines! I can't wait to visit again! #wintermixedchix #climblikeagirl @patagonia

#Internationalwomensday was created by working women campaigning for change. It's one thing to bring awareness and celebrate women's achievements. It's another thing to take actions that result in meaningful change. Current realities:Women continue to earn less than men in almost every occupation. In the mountains, female mountain guides are a rare sight. There are about 100 @amga1979 certified mountain guides in the US, only 6 are women. Today, I put my money where my mouth is and made a donation to @liz_daley's scholarship fund to help support future opportunities for female mountain guides (link in profile). I urge you to do more than raise awareness. Do something. Mentor a young woman, research the issues and support a charity. Celebrate the gains but remember, we've still got work to do. Let's change the world for the better!#NotThere #NoCeiling #LivelikeLiz #MakeItHappen #climblikeagirl #heforshe Photo: @jaybeyerimaging

Let my people go skiing and snowboarding! Field day with @patagoniabtv store employees at @stowemt!

Sometimes, it is necessary to delve into what scares you the most. As a professional skier, I've spent years chasing the softest, fluffiest snow. Rocks and ice are a powder skier's worst nightmare. As I've progressed as a ski mountaineer, I've been forced to make friends with these elements. Thanks @majkaburhardt for leading me into a place of deep fear and satiating my desire to feel vulnerable and alive. I'm more comfortable on ice (especially the steep kind) than I've ever been before. This climb is called Promenade. We looked up the meaning of the word:

Finding the #linesofmydreams in New Hampshire! The East delivers. @majkaburhardt trading her crampons for skis on the steep descent of the Green Chasm Gulley on Mt Webster. Today was the culmination of our 6-day #wintermixedchix ski and ice climbing trip. @patagonia #bigmtndreams

It was incredibly inspiring to watch @majkaburhardt lead the first female ascent of Within Reason (WI6) in the Hanging Gardens today (while belaying inside the cave, where I snapped this pic). When you witness an athletic achievement like this, it opens your mind to what is possible! Congrats Majka on the send! #climblikeagirl #wintermixedchix

Ski to climb and climb to ski. The line between disciplines is beginning to blur. The idea to do this trip came after the @patagonia global ambassador summit, where 74 athletes from all disciplines came together to collaborate. I'm so grateful to have to opportunity to further my ice climbing skills by following @majkaburhardt on her backyard NH lines! #wintermixedchix photo: @berndzeugswetter

It's good to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself. Continuing to expand my ice climbing skills and turn my weakness into my strength. Thanks @majkaburhardt for showing me your backyard lines. #wintermixedchix @patagonia #poweryourpassion #bigmtndreams

Today, I was delighted to both ski and climb on Mt. Washington! I got my first taste of the dangerously erratic weather this peak is famous for. Sunny in the am, stormy in the pm- Huntington Ravine was fun to explore and we enjoyed the hero afternoon ice on Pinnacle! So grateful to @majkaburhardt for mentoring me on my ice skills! Photo: @mountainsense #wintermixedchix #skitoclimb