Freedom to roam. This weekend, I climbed and skied the East Ridge of Timpanogos with @brodyleven. After a season of skiing routes with numerous technical challenges (ice climbs, mandatory rappels), it felt so good to move unburdened by ropes and tools. We were able to ski almost 6,000' from the top of the ridge to the valley floor! I was grinning from ear to ear. Thanks for the suggestion @matt_galland. #bigmtndreams

It's easy to fall into patterns of stress in the world. Days spent walking quietly through the mountains, far from the constant hum of social media and notifications, remind me there is so much more to life. Check out the video from a recent trip to the Monashees via the link below and in my profile. #GORETEX #ExperienceMore Photo: @colleengphoto @laundromatstudios

There's a special place in my heart for my female partners. It was an absolute treat to spend a few days and nights in the Monashees with @evans_leah, a pro skier and fellow @Patagonia athlete. Tag a friend you'd want to win a backcountry ski trip with and check out the link below and in my profile to enter to win an outdoor experience of your choice! @goretexna #ExperienceMore #GORETEX

As I'm preparing to take my first road bike ride of the season, there's an opportunity I'm excited to share with you. @iamspecialized_wmn is launching a new global women's ambassador program – they are looking for 200 women from around the globe! “Our ambition with this program is to create the space and platform for more female role models and leaders to emerge and ultimately become a part of the fabric of the modern cycling culture,” said Vanessa Christie, Women’s Brand Manager at Specialized. For me, cycling has become an important addition to my cross training and recovery. But it's more than just exercise. It's a passion and a lifestyle. For those of you who feel similarly, I encourage you to apply! Link below and in profile. Application deadline is April 5. @rob.lea

"Powder skiing is not fun. It is life, fully lived. Life lived in a blaze of reality."Words by one of my personal heros, Dolores Lachapelle. It was a treat to link up with @evans_leah (fellow pro skier and founder of @girlsdoski) this winter in the Monashees. A few days in a backcountry hut skiing deep pow rekindled my spirit and brought me together with my tribe. See more about our trip (including the full length video) in the link below and in my profile: #ExperienceMore #GORETEXVideo by @colleengphoto @laundromatstudios

Part of what makes the Wasatch so special is the abundance of wilderness so close to an urban metropolis with over a million people. I'm so disappointed in our Salt Lake County representatives for failing to remember this. Today, they decided not to #savebonanzaflats. But there's still time. If we can raise $1 million by 11pm tonight, we can protect this land- I just donated $100. Will you consider donating to help save this beautiful piece of the Wasatch? Link in profile. Photo: @airandrice

Today at 4:15 pm MST, I'm doing a Facebook live to answer your questions about backcountry skiing! We will talk about spring ski mountaineering, gear, layering and how to get into the sport! Link to event Facebook page in profile. Hope to chat with you this afternoon.

In high consequence terrain, there is no room for error. Right after we threw the rope to drop into this line, a wet sluff came off a cliff right into the steepest part of the couloir above the mandatory rappel. It wasn't huge, but it was large enough to sweep you off your feet. With plenty of remaining snow on the heating rocks (hangfire), we decided to bail on our objective. It was disheartening to turn around after many hours, miles and vertical feet of approaching with heavy packs, but it was the right call. It's good to try hard things and fail often, and it makes the eventual success sweeter. Thanks to everyone who responded to my video inquiry with suggestions on content topics. To help answer your questions, on Monday afternoon, 3/13 at 4:15 MST, I'll be doing a Facebook live to answer your questions about backcountry snow basics! Tune in to learn more about layering and equipment and have your questions answered! Link in profile. Photo: @ktmillerphoto @patagonia @movementskis @lekiusa @julbousa @clifbar @prethelmets

Happy international women's day! How we treat the earth says a lot about who we are as people. Environmental rights are human rights. Justice for the planet is justice for the people. That's how I think about international women's day. Last night, I spoke on a panel about ecofeminism and the overlaps between social justice and environmentalism. It made me think about how interconnected we are with the planet. Let us persist in our efforts, not only for women but for all the two legged and four legged, winged, rooted and flowing spirits. PS – I'm so excited that my friend @ktmillerphoto (pictured here) is coming to visit me and ski with me today! Stay tuned for some exciting adventures ahead.

Bears Ears remains under threat from lawmakers who want to undo this designation in favor of privatization and development. It breaks my heart to think of what’s to lose. We need your help to #defendbearsears. Go to (link in profile) to learn more and take action. #LoveOurPlanet #StandWithBearsEars

It's been a winter to remember in the Wasatch. This season, I decided to make the most of it by sticking around home and finishing a project in my backyard that I have been working on for the past five years to climb and ski all the lines in "The Chuting Gallery" (a ski mountaineering guidebook to the Wasatch written by @straightchuter). I am down to the final few. It's been such a good winter that I was able to ski an ice climb. Photo: face shots on the Great White Icicle (GWI), captured by @acpictures.For those of you who are interested, here's what I did on my ski descent of the GWI. After climbing the 4 pitches on lead with skis on my back, I rappelled in (p4), skied from p4 to bulge on p3 on ski belay, rappelled over bulge on p3, skied into p2 on belay, skied off belay mid p2, skied p1 without belay on skiers left of ice bulge. I was able to ski and make turns through quite a bit of it! #bigmtndreams

With spring ski mountaineering season right around the corner, I've been thinking about some of the scary lines I've skied lately. This line from our trip to New Zealand was definitely a scarier one – the pink dotted line shows our descent route down the southeast face of Mt. Dixon, and I'm the dot that's circled. To see my short POV video edit of this, check out the YouTube link below and in my profile: tip: when I'm in an exposed position like this and need to keep moving, sometimes I'll sing little songs to myself so I don't freeze up. It helps take my mind off the severity of the situation and allows me to do what I'm trained to do. Photo: @rob.lea #skiaoraki16

Decided to play around with some video footage from our climb of Mt. Dixon in New Zealand's Southern Alps this fall. Here's a little taste. @backcountrymag just published a little write up about this day. Check out the link in my profile to read more! #bigmtndreams #skiaoraki16 With @rob.lea @cody_hughes91 @sethorton and Anna Keeling.

These are my favorite days of the year. Kessler pow. Video: @rob.lea #bigmtndreams @patagonia @julbousa @lekiusa @rei @movementskis @clifbar

Backcountry skiing is the actualization of a lifelong love affair with snow. Although I don't love every minute of it, like when my hands are frozen or when it's windy and cold and I have a strong urge to urinate, I love how it feels at the end of the day. When I go home, eat a lot (food tastes so good), dry the contents of my pack, and rest, so I can do it all over again tomorrow. February 24 was a day for the books. Thanks for sharing the tour @rob.lea @schirfphoto and Matt!

The stuff dreams are made of. Today in the Wasatch. Photos: @jaybeyerimaging @patagonia_snow @julbousa @lekiusa @clifbar @prethelmets

Why? Why climb up a mountain to ski down? I've struggled with the answer to that for years. At one point I would've said it was for the views, or the sight of the sunrise. But after further contemplation, the best answer I have is the people you share the experience with. When ski mountaineering, you are dependent on your partners and your team. Going out for a long day in the mountains makes you vulnerable to the shared experience. It allows us to let down our walls and let those people into our hearts and minds like few other activities in life can. I'm so grateful to all the partners I've shared a bootpack, skin track or rope with. @acpictures @fitzcahall and @airandrice on a super fun day in Hogum last week! Thank you! 🏽

I didn't always love backcountry skiing. The first few years, it was a love/hate relationship, with admittedly more hate than love. After a few years of struggling, I learned to appreciate the slowed down pace of backcountry skiing and how it helped me reflect on the little things in life that matter most. Read more about it on my latest @goretexna blog post, "The Art of Backcountry Skiing"- link below and in profile: @bowmankf

Pure joy. There is no other way to describe the feeling. We must persist in our efforts to preserve the human-powered experience on public lands. #protectourpubliclands @winterwildlandsalliance

Last week, @rachel.spitzer and I attended a townhall hosted by @jasoninthehouse. It was a wild experience that left my heart racing. Attending these events is never that fun or easy. But it is incredibly important that we continue to organize and show up in big numbers in the weeks, months and years ahead. One voice can change the world. Will it be yours?Read more about my experience on a recent blog post for @outdooralliance. Link in profile and below:

Whatever you do today, do it with love! Happy Valentine's Day. #bigmtndreams photo: @airandrice

Fired up & ready to go!This morning, I was tired. My body ached. I did not want to get out of bed. I managed to get myself together and start up the mountain, but I still wanted to fall asleep on the skin track. But after the sun started to rise, I thought about those words, "fired up, ready to go." And they started to work for me. "I’m starting to get kind of fired up. I’m starting to feel like I’m ready to go. And all those negative thoughts and all those bad memories start drifting away. It just goes to show you how one voice can change a room. And if it can change a room, it can change a city. And if it can change a city, it can change a state. And if it can change a state, it can change a nation. And if it can change a nation, it can change the world!” -B.H.O.#bigmtndreams

My friend @hannahbrie2 is a rockstar. After sustaining a knee injury high on Kessler Peak this afternoon, she rode this improvised shovel sled 3000' down the mountain through 18" of powder, while @rob.lea and I tried our best to "groom" her a path out front, all while maintaining her normal, bubbly cheerfulness. Adventures in the mountains don't always go as planned, but when things go awry, I so appreciate partners who maintain a positive attitude and work together to make the best of the situation. We managed to work efficiently and swiftly as a team, and as she said, "it was still a pretty great day with wonderful company." Hannah- you inspire me, and I will strive to channel your grace and poise in everything I do. I don't think I would have held it together the way you did. You're tough as nails!

A woman's place… Is on the sharp end. Progress. #bigmtndreams Photo: @acpictures

It's important not to lose sight of the why behind avalanche training and snow science. Pure joy as the deepness returns to the Wasatch. @patagonia_snow @julbousa @lekiusa Photo: @acpictures

Snow pit life. For the past six days, I've been digging deep into my study of snow science, honing my avalanche forecasting skills in my @avyinstitute Level 3 course. This course is the highest level of formal avalanche training in the U.S., and gives avalanche professionals real life tools to make decisions in the "wicked environment" we work and play in. I've been studying hard, learning a ton and digging so many snow pits. This picture is a good snapshot of my life for the past week. Learning as much as I can about avalanches is a priority to me, so much that I sacrificed a week of epic powder skiing to hone my skills. It wasn't always easy to be sitting in the classroom on the bluebird powder days, but I'm grateful for all the knowledge I've gained. My favorite part about the journey of avalanche education is that there's always more to learn. I will forever be a student of the mountains, looking for truth in the layers of the snowpack. Tomorrow, I take my final exams. Wish me luck! And stay tuned… I will share some of my takeaways from the course. Photo: @louisarevalo

Love, tolerance, truth, inclusivity, respect – those are the reasons I'm proud to be an American. Diversity is the backbone of our country, without it, we lose our special sauce. I saw a protest sign that sums it up, "love, not hate, makes America great." I will not be silent about defending our American values. My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by Trump's executive orders on immigration. This action does not represent most Americans and we will do everything in our power to fight.Photo: celebrating freedom @brentbensonphotography

I always had this vision of what I wanted to become. So I became. It took me four years of learning how to ice climb, following routes and taking a slow progression. This week, I led the great white icicle for my first time. I also skied it for the first (and quite possibly last) time. It was an awesome opportunity to put a lot of technical skills that I've learned to use! Huge thanks to @acpictures and @irving_matthew for partnering up to help me document this, for the support and encouragement and for providing safe belays while I was on lead and on skis. #bigmtndreams photo: @acpictures

Success and longevity as a ski mountaineer is often more defined by the lines you turn around on then the ones you achieve, because in those failures, you learn more then when everything goes to plan. The challenge is to fail gracefully. Read more about my learning experience with this in New Zealand's Southern Alps on the @goretexna blog (link below and in profile). Photo: @rob.lea #skiaoraki16 #bigmtndreams

Exercising my Constitutional right to peacefully assemble again today by attending and speaking at the clean air rally at the Utah State Capitol this afternoon! Thanks to everyone who battled the blizzard to come to these events today. This is just the beginning. We have to keep showing up and making our voices heard for the legislative battles ahead!#holdthelineutah

We have a full day of citizen activism planned! Incredible turnout at rally number one this morning for the #marchonmain! #womensmarch Such a powerful experience to share with @katieboue – now onto the clean air rally!

I love calling Utah home. I feel a deep sense of pride about the natural wonders in my home state. The one thing that I am not proud of is our air quality, which frequently exceeds federal health standards. We deserve clean air!If you feel the same way, join me this Saturday, 1/21 at the Utah State Capitol to take a stand for clean air at the "Clean Air, No Excuses" rally! Link to more info below and in profile: @johnevansphoto

The past two days have taken me to some ridiculously, awesome places in the Wasatch. I'm grateful to my partners- @acpictures @jonathon.spitzer and @rob.lea for teaming up on these big adventure days in the backyard. We went ice climbing with skis on our backs, skied frozen avy debris and thrashed through endless bush-filled streambeds, all while keeping the stoke high! Pictured here: @acpictures ascending the Triangle Couloir like a boss.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." -Martin Luther King Jr.The scariest things I've done in my life have not been in the mountains. The times I've been most afraid was speaking at public hearings, standing up in front of the fossil fuel industry, asking for stricter regulations on coal power plants, or at the Bears Ears hearing in Bluff, UT, asking for permanent protection of the land. These confrontations are tough but necessary, because when we come together, and listen to the other side, we are stronger. Environmental issues are human rights issues. Injustice to the earth is injustice to humanity. We have an uphill battle ahead. Our work is cut out for us. We must come together with love, and climb this big mountain, for the well-being of humans everywhere. Happy MLK day everyone!Photo: @rob.lea

The joy of human-powered skiing. There's something so gratifying when you reach the top of a peak that you've climbed up yourself. I've always been curious about what's around the next corner, but cautious about how I approach the backcountry. It's taken me over a decade of learning about snow safety and avalanches to get to the point I'm at. Everyday is another opportunity to observe and learn, walking quietly through the mountains, to deepen my love affair with snow. #bigmtndreams #humanpower Photo: @rob.lea

The fight for Bears Ears is far from over. Today, Peter Metcalf, founder and former CEO of Black Diamond wrote, "We are calling on Herbert, Utah's congressional delegation and other state leaders to drop their efforts to take down Bears Ears National Monument, to gut the Antiquities Act, to transfer our public lands to the states and to gut funding for these monuments, parks and public lands. If they don't, the Outdoor Retailer shows must leave Utah.The Utah delegation has wasted no time in the first days of 2017 to enact their destructive agenda, and now the outdoor industry, too, must respond boldly and unified while we are here in Salt Lake."I've been to almost 20 outdoor retailer shows, over the course of 12+ years. It would break my heart if the @outdoorretailer show left Utah, but I'd put this message before my heart, in terms of importance. Sometimes, you have to make bold moves to make your voice heard. Photo: it takes a community of support. @brooke.froelich and me at the Bears Ears public hearing in Bluff, UT this July, taken by @rob.lea

As a professional athlete, my goals are to inspire people to get outside, live a healthy active lifestyle, and protect the places we love to play. I am conscientious about the brands that I work with. I strive to represent brands that make the world a better place, and take responsibility for their environmental and social impacts. That's why I'm so excited to be working with @KEEN. Their brand values of quality, integrity, health, caring and pioneering align with my own, and I can't wait for the adventure together ahead! #KEEN Photo: @meg_haywoodsullivan

Do you love snow and ice? Are you on Twitter? If so, join me on a 24-hour Tweetathon starting today asking @realdonaldtrump to uphold the commitment we made in Paris. Link to more info including sample tweets below and in profile. #keepparis #100days @protectourwinters @rob.lea

"One can never be bored by powder skiing because it is a special gift of the relationship between earth and sky. It only comes in sufficient amounts in particular places, at certain times on this earth; it lasts only a limited amount of time before sun or wind changes it. People devote their lives to it for the pleasure of being so purely played by gravity and snow." -Dolores LaChapelle, Earth Wisdom, 1978 thanks for the quote @adventurejournal And thanks for a fun day @rob.lea @brodyleven @acpictures @pepfujas

Today, I skied Benson and Hedges (pictured here) with @rob.lea and @acpictures and it was glorious. Afterward, Rob told me that when we skied this together two years ago, it was his first backcountry couloir. It's been so much fun to see his stoke for backcountry skiing blossom, and it's helped me keep the stoke high in what I do. In past relationships, I sometimes relied on men to show me the way and take me to the lines of my dreams. Now, after years of hard work, I'm proud to be at the point in my sport where I can lead others into the mountains and share some of what I've learned along the way. What I love most about ski mountaineering is there's always more to learn. One of the things I'm most looking forward to this season is taking my avy 3 course! #bigmtndreams

Reflecting on 2016, a year of highs and lows. I'm excited for the adventures ahead. Wishing everyone a safe and happy NYE! Photo: a highlight of my year, the approach to go skiing in Mt Cook/Aoraki National Park. : @rob.lea

Huge congratulations to @airandrice for completing his 2016 goal of climbing and skiing 2.5 million vertical feet! It's been so inspiring to follow along. What an incredible accomplishment! #humanpower #legsofsteel photo: @louisarevalo

Today was one of my favorite days of skiing because I took my niece @ademonte16 and nephew @elliotmg on a ski tour. It was Anna's first time backcountry skiing and Elliot's 7th. When I was growing up, my aunts, uncles, parents and older half siblings took me skiing, climbing, backpacking and camping (and were very patient while I learned) and today, it was so gratifying for me to pass it on to the next generation and continue our family Holiday tradition!

We did it! Today, #bearsears became a National Monument! When I first heard the news, I got tingles. I can't express all the emotions I poured into this, and how gratifying it was to play a small part in this unprecedented grassroots movement, led by Native American tribes. Today is a monumental day in history, and I'm so grateful to @barackobama for protecting a very special part of Utah for future generations, and for his incredible legacy of conservation. PS- Thank you thank you thank you everyone for all your positive messages of support! You're outpouring of love has renewed my faith in the power of community and social media. This whole thing put me in a dark place but you have lifted my spirits. I'm so grateful to everyone on here and I'm inspired to go forward in 2017 with love!

I've been quieter than usual on social media due to the presence of a persistent bully. These hateful comments leave a mark. I'm a strong person, but after awhile, harassment starts to take a toll. When your bully spends the time to find your phone number and calls to harass you during Thanksgiving dinner, it’s hard to ignore. I know my story is one of many and just the tip of the iceberg. It happens to so many people. I'm tired of being silenced by it and silent about it. I'm taking a stand against cyberbullying.This holiday season- I'm asking you- the @instagram community- to stand with me and fill your interactions online and in person, with love. It's ok to respectfully disagree, but hate, harassment, and bullying is never ok.For anyone who's ever been cyber bullied, I understand the pain and frustration. I've experienced it. It's not right. Let’s take a stand together. Feel the love, spread the love. If you see a hateful comment, call that person out! Let's go beyond deleting and blocking the trolls and support each other. If anyone ever needs someone to stick up for them against a bully online, message me. Together, we can build a community of love, tolerance, and respect.Photo: @louisarevalo

Last night I got to reconnect with my Minnesota roots by playing a game of pond hockey on a frozen rink outside! If you are interested in learning more about my story – how I went from MN hockey kid to ski mountaineer – check out the link in my profile to a recent article by the Minneapolis Star Tribune! @rob.lea #bigmtndreams

'Tis the season to be jolly, wandering the snowy mountains with friends. I firmly believe that spending quality time together is the greatest gift. All I want for Christmas is to go ice climbing or ski touring! Enjoying a windy ridgetop wander on Flagstaff with @carolynstwertka and @bowmankf

Frozen… at the end of a -20 windchill day at @snowbird practicing avalanche safety, wilderness first aid, crevasse rescue and steep skiing skills with @patagonia and @samsaramtnexperience. No matter how many times I take a course, it's so good to practice, and I always learn something new. I can't stress how important it is to be dialed with your partners and your skills before heading into the backcountry. Take the time, get the gear and know how to use it. I'm grateful for the opportunity to continue practicing these life-saving skills. #bigmtndreams Photo: @j_nielsen

Anxiety. No matter how many times I go on a trip or adventure, I still get waves of anxiety beforehand. Find out how I deal with it in my blog post on the @rei co-op journal. Link in profile: #sponsored

It's funny how being in the most wild places makes me feel the most sane. In the alpine- this jumbled up mix of rock, ice and snow, I feel more normal than in the city or at home. Sometimes its good to take a step and find a slower pace of life. And to continuing dreaming about the next experience that will take you there… #bigmtndreams