Urgent request! I need your help submitting comments to the @epagov on why the Clean Power Plan should stay. Deadline is tomorrow! Go to the link in my profile or below to comment. This is an issue I’ve worked hard on, and we need to let the Administration know we won’t back down and we are demanding clean, renewable energy! In 2014 and 2015 I went to Washington DC with @protectourwinters and we fought hard to drum up support for the Clean Power Plan, having meetings with Senators, Representatives, the @epagov and the @whitehouse. Why? Because the Clean Power Plan sets the first ever limits on carbon emissions from power plants and was the biggest step our country has ever taken to address climate change. We need this, for public health and so future generations can enjoy a beautiful, snowy winter! Go to the link in my profile and submit a comment by tomorrow! http://bit.ly/powcleanpower

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.”-Martin Luther King Jr. May we continue honoring MLK’s vision today and everyday.

One of the biggest challenges in backcountry skiing is adjusting mindset to match conditions. We want to get rad and ski the steeps, and we are frothing after a powder deprived winter, but the snowpack structure does not match our desire. Today, with the avalanche danger rated as high, we made the decision to take advantage of Utah’s fine ski resorts and ride terrain that has already been controlled for avalanches. And the smiles lasted all day! Thanks for embracing the right mindset with me, @carolynstwertka and @louisarevalo.

Happy NYE everyone and happy birthday to me! Yesterday, I ran my 1000th mile for the year, finishing my last big goal of 2017! Running started out as a passion project to mentally cope with some of the emotional distress related to my cyberstalking case. There’s something very therapeutic and soothing about the repetitive nature of the movement. While I began running as a way to escape something negative in my life, it evolved and I found intense happiness in the freedom of movement. I no longer run to escape, but to confront life and it’s challenges. I plan to bring the same attitude of joyfulness and gratitude to my 2018 projects. Thanks to all of you for the ongoing love, support and encouragement. I’m excited to hear about your 2018 #bigmtndreams and how you plan to make those goals a reality. Let’s keep moving forward one step at a time! Photo: @rob.lea

You don’t have to hike up 15,000 vertical feet in a day to help save Bears Ears! You have 36 more hours donate to the Education Center Kickstarter. If you want to see what it’s like to do a 15,000’ day, @clifbar made a really nice video recap! Check out the link in my profile, watch the video and consider a year end donation to the Bears Ears Education Center. #feedyouradventure http://www.clifbar.com/article/bodies-on-the-line-for-bears-ears

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m grateful to be home with my family and friends celebrating the holidays. And I’m grateful to all of you for your continued love and support! I hope you all find light and joy today. Photo: @acpictures #bigmtndreams

Happy winter solstice! What will it take to protect the places we love? It takes you! Today, my friends at @winterwildlandsalliance and I are doing a membership drive with a goal of getting 500 new members! Your membership supports critical work to protect public lands, winter landscapes, quiet recreation experiences as well as a national SnowSchool program that takes 33,000 kids on snow each year and a backcountry film festival! Become a part of this organization by visiting winterwildlands.org/solstice (or click on link in profile). And yay for winter!!

Day three on skis. Still feel a hint of last Saturday’s 15k day in the legs. Mostly, I feel happy to be outside, catching up with a good friend on the skintrack. Time spent slowly walking up a mountain seems to help me get my head straight. Onward and upward! Thanks for the and the company @alex_taran.

I’m grateful to all of you for helping me win the Powder Poll last night at the awards show in Breckenridge. It was a huge honor and a surprise. Thank you for your continued support and to all of you who voted. Seeing how much you believe in me helps me believe in myself. I was happy to spend the night with friends and family, including my aunt and uncle from Minnesota! Huge thanks to my sponsors: @keen @patagonia @rei @julbousa @lekiusa @clifbar @prethelmets @movementskis Photo: @schirfphoto

I recently took my nieces and nephew on a road trip to hike and explore Bears Ears. As I’ve grown older and become more capable as a trip leader, I feel it is my duty to carry on a family tradition of outdoor adventure. Read more about the trip, my family and why I think shared experiences are the best gifts we can give one another in my latest post on the @keen blog: https://www.keenfootwear.com/adventures/blog-article-17840.htmlLink also in profile. @anna.demonster @liz.demonster @elliotmg #KEENambassador Photo: @brooke.froelich

You never really know what you are capable of until you put it all on the line. And when you do it for a good cause and share the experience, there’s no better feeling in the world. It’s magical. Our #100kforBearsEars Vertathon fundraiser was a smashing success. I did my biggest day ever on skis- 15,331’ of vertical and 30 miles, all powered by my own two legs (and lots of @clifbar snacks)! @rob.lea, @brodyleven and @forrestshearer did the same! And the rest of our crew crushed it. But the best part was the money we raised for the Bears Ears education center. Thank you all so much for your support and for believing in me, even when I questioned myself. All your encouragement help power me up the mountain, not just once but 9 times! @tyloted @mikefootemt @derajslc @pennnewhard @steven_gnam @fitzcahall @slukenelson @katieboue @joce_taylor @bethskis @ducttapethenbeer

5 laps up and down the mountain so far. We’re over halfway towards our personal 15,000’ goals and we’re racking up the vert for the team goal of #100kforBearsEars! It’s not too late to pledge if you want to make a donation. Check out the link in my profile. With @forrestshearer @tyloted @brodyleven @mikefootemt @derajslc @pennnewhard @steven_gnam @rob.lea @fitzcahall @slukenelson @ducttapethenbeer @katieboue @joce_taylor

Climb up, ski down #100kforBearsEarsThis Saturday, my friends and I are going to ascend 100,000 vertical feet on foot, skis and snowboards to raise another $100k for the Bears Ears Education Center. Since Monday’s announcement, many people have reached out asking what they can do to help protect our public lands in Utah. While we wait for the courts to determine the fate of our National Monuments, we need to make sure that we are being good stewards of the land. Bears Ears needs an education center to teach folks how to experience the cultural and ecological wonders of the area with respect and as light of a footprint as possible. I’m setting personal goal of 15,000’ of vertical for Saturday. I honestly don’t know if I can do it. It’s going to be hard. I might fail. But after all the news this week, I’m going to give it my all. We have to keep moving forward, organizing and mobilizing and turn our anger into meaningful political action. Will you pledge via the link below or in my profile to support me? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSegFHqBp08FBxkbpqTZoiseawWuG5dJhGxdM0hkKbxjXHvYtg/viewform?usp=send_form#standwithbearsears #savegrandstaircase Photo: @scottrinck

Be kind. Stay vigilant. Keep showing up. Tomorrow, Trump is coming to Utah to announce his plans to gut our National Monuments. There is a protest scheduled at the State Capitol, event info in the link in my profile.As angry and upset as we are, I want to send out a quick reminder to everyone to show a basic level of respect and decency to President Trump, Senator Hatch and all our elected officials. Everyone deserves respect. Love will always prevail. A great person once told me, “You can disagree without being disagreeable.” Keep criticism focused on policy, not on the person. I hope to see you there at 10:45 am.

Friends who protest together stick together. Incredible turnout at the Rally Against Trump’s Monument Mistake. The message was loud and clear. We #StandWithBearsEars and will #SaveGrandStaircase. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can be good stewards of Bears Ears, check out the link to the Kickstarter in my profile.

Who’s ready to rally for Bears Ears tomorrow? @brooke.froelich and I are! Here’s a rundown of the schedule of events: At 10 am, there is a sign making event at the @patagoniaslc store. Rally starts at the Utah State Capitol at 1 pm. I always recommend arriving early. Further event details via the link in my profile. Photo: @rob.lea

You don’t have to be drive a hybrid car, live in a net energy home, or have 100k followers to be an activist. What we need is more folks continuing to show up and speak up! Of course the small actions help, but you don’t have to be perfect to make a difference. The America we love is under threat. Silence is not an option. Make a sign, go to a rally (or organize one), write an op-ed or have a local non profit teach you how to lobby. It’s time to #actonclimate #protectpubliclands PS this Saturday, December 2, join us at the Utah State Capitol at 1 pm for a massive rally for Bears Ears! Event info below or via the link in my profile. https://m.facebook.com/events/162299857692025?

We can learn so much by listening to Native voices. Giving more people an opportunity to speak doesn’t mean some will lose their turn. It means our rallying cry will be louder. I’m a big fan and supporter of @nativesoutdoors. #standwithbearsears #nativeamericanheritagemonth

Raise your hand if you love Bears Ears!!! Home to over 100,000 archaeological sites and world-class climbing and outdoor recreation, this beloved area is still under threat. While federal funding for the monument is uncertain, we have to step up and contribute in other ways. This #givingtuesday, consider donating to support the creation of a new Bears Ears visitor center to protect the cultural and ecological resources in the area. Link in profile and below: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cedarmesafriends/bears-ears-education-centerPhoto: Josh Ewing

This Black Friday, I’ll be choosing to #OptOutside and exploring Utah’s treasured public lands. Created in partnership with @REI. #sponsoredPhoto: @brooke.froelich

Research continues to show that spending money on experiences brings us more happiness than spending money on things. How are you going to #OptOutside on Black Friday? @REI #Sponsored

Golden larch trees in the Canadian Rockies. Happy Thanksgiving week! What’s everyone doing for the holidays?

It’s the third year of @REI’s #OptOutside and I’m excited to partner with them for this annual tradition. I believe that the most memorable gift we can give is time spent outside together. This Black Friday, I challenge you to join us and plan an adventure to get yourself outdoors! #sponsored

Into the clouds on Mt. Nebo with @rob.lea. Photo: @louisarevalo Who else is excited about the new snow in Utah today and itching to get out on skis/board? Heads up- avalanche conditions are going to be tricky and dangerous this weekend especially where the new snow fell on the existing snowpack, which is now deeply faceted. If i do get out, I’m going to avoid avalanche terrain all together by staying on slopes about 32 degrees or less. Please be careful, friends, and consider staying off upper elevation north facing slopes. I don’t want to hear about any accidents or fatalities. Have fun and be safe! #utavy @utavy

I got my first turns of the season while I was in Tahoe for the @winterwildlandsalliance grassroots advocacy conference! I’m grateful for the opportunity to connect with other athletes and activists who have done so much to preserve the human-powered backcountry experience. It motivates and excites me for the advocacy work ahead, and it’s a good reminder that “democracy is not a spectator sport, it’s a participatory event.” We have to keep speaking up and keep showing up! I have to give a shoutout to the other athletes @brodyleven @forrestshearer @jeremyjones @clare_gallagher_runs and @thomaswoodson who attended and spoke on a panel with me! And also to my sponsors who support and encourage my work as an environmental activist! @patagonia @clifbar @keen @rei @julbousa @lekiusa @prethelmets @movementskis

After a quick stop at home, I’m on my way to Tahoe for a @winterwildlandsalliance conference and @tahoebackcountrywomen showing of “Follow Through” tomorrow night! If you’re a lady in Tahoe, come hang! Event starts at 6:30 pm- more info on @tahoebackcountrywomen page! Hope to see you there. #bigmtndreams

Ultimately, the best part of any trip is the people you share it with. Endurance activities can break us mentally and physically, but in those moments, we have to find something else. A trip like this, cycling 330 miles from Maine to Vermont, pulls out the highest expression of the human spirit. I️ believe sport has the power to unite us. I’m incredibly grateful that I️ had the opportunity to do this ride and for the people I️ shared it with: @jjamesjoiner, @jimmypixs, @bryancminto, @meganmcisaac, @rob.lea, @iamspecialized_adv and our support crew of @underground_ian. I️ can’t wait for the next adventure.

330.4 miles. 18,773’ of elevation gain. 32 hours 57 minutes of riding time. 3 states. 6 riders. 1 support vehicle and driver. Our ride across the Northeast from Maine to Vermont has come to an end and I’m happy to report that we achieved our goal. More to come, for now, I must keep eating. Photo: @rob.lea

One of my favorite #OptOutside moments: waking up with the desert sunrise with two of my favorite people, @brooke.froelich and @huck.gaynes in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. @rei #sponsored

Current status: biking the Northeast. We’ve pedaled 239 miles so far, starting with sunrise on Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park to Bethlehem, New Hampshire over the past four days. Our goal is to finish near Burlington, VT on Monday for 330 total miles. It’s been a wild adventure so far, full of highs and lows (and sore rear ends) shared with an unforgettable crew. I’m hoping my legs hold out for the home stretch! @iamspecialized_adv

Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe and have fun tonight.

I grew up with three half-siblings and three full siblings. I never knew we were a blended family until I got older. When I was six, my older half-sister had a daughter and I became an aunt at a young age. Again, I didn’t think this was unconventional. I was delighted to have more kids to play with! Family can come in many different types and structures. The point of my story is that no matter what your family looks like, the outdoors brings us together. There’s something about getting in the car and going on a trip that forces everyone to get along and have fun. I was delighted to share a trip to Bears Ears, a place near and dear to my heart, with my nieces and nephew, @anna.demonster, @liz.demonster and @elliotmg this weekend. @keen #keenambassador

This weekend, I’m on a family trip with my nieces and nephew. When I was growing up, my older family members would always take me and my siblings on the most exhilirating outdoor adventure trips. And now that I’m getting to be older, I felt it was my duty to keep the tradition alive. I decided to take the crew deep into the newly designated Bears Ears National Monument to show them a real adventure. To go someplace where roads aren’t named and trails have no markers. I wanted them to see that when we work together, we can not only survive, but we can thrive in wild places so they would go home with a sense of independence, self-sufficiency and freedom. After a long day of exploring a canyon far away from cell towers or paved roads, we got back to hear the news that President Trump wants to shrink this monument and Grand Staircase-Escalate, a move that is both unprecedented and illegal. These places are national treasures. Bears Ears is significant not only for Utahns, but for all the people of the world, and if it were located anywhere else, it would have been permanently protected a long time ago. It is our shared human heritage. President Trump, you are not representing the interests of the American people or our values. You are on the wrong side of history. We continue to #standwithbearsears

My blog from our National Monument trip is live on the @keen blog! Check out the link below or in my profile to read about the time @meg_haywoodsullivan and I went to 4 National Monuments in 4 Days! If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure without the crowds, consider planning a road trip to one of America’s 129 National Monuments. #livemonumental #keenambassador https://www.keenfootwear.com/adventures/blog-article-17651.html?fdid=giant-sequoia

It’s getting to be that time of year…time to vote for your favorite skiers in the @powdermagazine #powderawards! I’m honored to be nominated with such a talented group of athletes. Head on over to the link below or in my profile to cast your vote. http://www.powder.com/powder-awards/vote/Photo: @rob.lea

As the snow starts to fly, it's time to start talking about avalanche safety and decision-making in avalanche terrain. Tomorrow, 10/19, I'll be doing a Q&A on the @REI Facebook page at 11 am MST. Tune in, and I look forward to chatting with you then! #ForceOfNature #sponsored

Two fellow ski mountaineers and women that that I am inspired by are @kitdski and @hilareeoneill (pictured here, exploring the mountains in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge). Their ski mountaineering and climbing resumes are impressive, but I am equally inspired by their courage in speaking up for our threatened, wild places as fellow ambassadors for @protectourwinters. This week, the Senate is considering opening up this area for drilling. Text DONTDRILL to 52886 to take action, or visit the link below or in my profile.https://goo.gl/Ki15RHPhoto: @jxnfigs

I believe my purpose on earth is to do good for the world and I like to partner with brands who feel the same way. My friends at @keen are doing a fundraiser to help communities affected by the wildfires in California, and they will match your donation up to $25,000. Visit the link below or in my profile to donate. Every little bit helps! https://www.gofundme.com/california-wildfire-relief#KEENambassador #KEENPhoto: @meg_haywoodsullivan

One of the most common questions I get after people watch “Follow Through” is, how do I get into backcountry skiing? The first step is to take an avalanche education class, and there’s no time like the present to sign up. Go to avalanche.org and click on the “Education” tab to find info and local resources. If you haven’t seen the film yet, check out the link in my profile to watch it! Photo: @rob.lea

In 2012, I had the good fortune of meeting Hayden Kennedy and his parents on a week long trip to Valhalla Mountain Touring with @liz_daley. I’ll never forget his long, gazelle like stride as we skinned up the mountain. He moved through the mountains with such efficiency and ease. At the top, the sun came out and we shared this view. He had an ear to ear grin as he dropped into the powdery slope. He was always smiling and laughing, and I appreciated his candor. At the time, I was just learning about the world of alpinism. As I learned more about Hayden and his accomplishments, I looked up to him (even though he is 3 years my junior). Hayden made me want to become a better skier and climber. He and Liz lit a fire in me. It’s hard to believe they are no longer with us. I never got to meet Inge, but I have a feeling she would’ve had the same effect. My heart goes out to Hayden and Inge’s family and friends, and everyone they inspired. Sending big hugs all around.

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2017! I’m proud that my home of Salt Lake City, UT has taken an important step of recognizing the importance of Indigenous people to the fabric of this country. Much of the lands we now live in were acquired through the forced removal of their original inhabitants. This change recognizes the contributions, history, and sacrifices made by the original inhabitants of Utah, including the Ute, Paiute, Navajo, Shoshone, Goshute, Hopi, Zuni and more.Efforts like Indigenous Peoples’ Day affirm that Native voices are being heard.Join with me in celebrating our strong and resilient Indigenous peoples, cultures and histories today!@nativesoutdoors

Double puffy weather on the top of Mt. Nebo today! It was wild watching the weather blow in up there. Who else is stoked for winter? : @rob.lea

When we set out to make “Follow Through,” I had no idea it would turn out like it did. I love how it sparks conversations about bigger topics and I’m excited to keep the discussion going. Right now, we’re doing a Global “Follow Through” Watch Party with Live Q&A during and after the film. Join us: https://www.facebook.com/REI/videos/10155763837956484/‬Link also in profile.

I've been absolutely overwhelmed by the response to “Follow Through”. I'm grateful for everyone who has taken the time to watch the film. Many of the comments and messages I've received have brought me to tears. Thank you all so much. If you haven't watched the film yet, we are doing a global watch party tomorrow night at 5 PM PST on the @REI Facebook page. I will be online during the showing and afterward to do a Live Q&A! More info via the link in my profile. I hope you'll join us. #ForceOfNature #sponsored

It’s easy to look at someone’s life on social media and make assumptions. But when you dig a little deeper, there’s more than meets the eye.I’m grateful to share my story in Follow Through, a film released today by @REI and @DuctTapeThenBeer. This was years in the making, and I would love if you would take a few minutes out of your day to watch via the link in my profile.I hope it will spark conversations and bring issues to light that aren’t normally confronted. Things that aren’t easy to talk about. Cyber harassment, negativity, death, grieving, insecurity, risk, and fear.Huge thanks to the creative genius of @acpictures and @ducttapethenbeer and for the incredible support of @REI. And this wouldn’t be possible without @iflyheli, @ktmillerphoto, @rob.lea, and of course the author of the Chuting Gallery, @straightchuter. I’d love to hear what you think.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by the events in Vegas. Moments like these leave me searching for the right words. They also leave me full of questions about my country. Why would someone commit such an atrocious act of domestic terror? To quote my friend @stacyabare – “We’ve got to find a way to build community in this country that all people can feel a part of and give people a path to dignity. Maybe I’m reaching.” In the aftermath, we all need to continue reaching. Photo: I always dream of running away to Canada (pictured here). While I love to visit our neighbor up North, I always come home because there is so much work we need to do in America. #PrayForVegas

Three years ago today, the world lost a bright, shining soul when @liz_daley perished in an avalanche. It still feels hard to breathe when I think about it. Last night, while I was in Yosemite, we were talking about loss, about Dean Potter and the tourist who was killed in rockfall this week. One of the women I met asked me if Liz visits me in my dreams. She recommended I start talking to her more frequently. I was intrigued with the idea. Today, I listened to an episode of This American Life about a disconnected phone booth in a garden in Japan where people go to talk to their dead or missing family members in the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami. It made me think about how difficult it's been to deal with the grief of losing someone you love. Grieving is a complicated, messy process, and often, it's a solitary one too. This year, perhaps I'll try a different approach, pick up an imaginary phone, and make a call to let Liz know what's going on, that we miss her, and we continue to celebrate her legacy with impromptu dance parties and smiles for miles. One of the most important things I've learned is to never wait to tell someone how you feel. Express gratitude, love and appreciation, and give big hugs generously. Life is uncertain. #livelikeliz

Mark your calendars! I am so excited to be working with @REI and @DuctTapeThenBeer on "Follow Through", a film about my Chuting Gallery project that will be released October 2 (NEXT WEEK!) Stay tuned for more to come! #sponsoredPhoto: @acpictures

Ridgelines of my dreams. In my happy place for 20,400 ft/6200m of uphill and 43 miles/69 km in the amazing Canadian Rockies this past week. And our trip isn't over yet! Two more days! What should we scramble up?

Training for winter with a 5,000 ft in 5 mile scramble to the top of Walcott Peak. The rocks were wet, loose and extra slippery. It was one of those days where I just put my head down to grind out the hours. I didn't break any PRs, but we had an unforgettable afternoon moving through semi-technical terrain. 8 peaks in 8 days so far on our Canadian Rockies trip! Thankfully @rob.lea had more energy than I did and took some nice photos and video clips. @lekiusa