Into the clouds on Mt. Nebo with @rob.lea. Photo: @louisarevalo Who else is excited about the new snow in Utah today and itching to get out on skis/board? Heads up- avalanche conditions are going to be tricky and dangerous this weekend especially where the new snow fell on the existing snowpack, which is now deeply faceted. If i do get out, I’m going to avoid avalanche terrain all together by staying on slopes about 32 degrees or less. Please be careful, friends, and consider staying off upper elevation north facing slopes. I don’t want to hear about any accidents or fatalities. Have fun and be safe! #utavy @utavy

I got my first turns of the season while I was in Tahoe for the @winterwildlandsalliance grassroots advocacy conference! I’m grateful for the opportunity to connect with other athletes and activists who have done so much to preserve the human-powered backcountry experience. It motivates and excites me for the advocacy work ahead, and it’s a good reminder that “democracy is not a spectator sport, it’s a participatory event.” We have to keep speaking up and keep showing up! I have to give a shoutout to the other athletes @brodyleven @forrestshearer @jeremyjones @clare_gallagher_runs and @thomaswoodson who attended and spoke on a panel with me! And also to my sponsors who support and encourage my work as an environmental activist! @patagonia @clifbar @keen @rei @julbousa @lekiusa @prethelmets @movementskis

After a quick stop at home, I’m on my way to Tahoe for a @winterwildlandsalliance conference and @tahoebackcountrywomen showing of “Follow Through” tomorrow night! If you’re a lady in Tahoe, come hang! Event starts at 6:30 pm- more info on @tahoebackcountrywomen page! Hope to see you there. #bigmtndreams

Ultimately, the best part of any trip is the people you share it with. Endurance activities can break us mentally and physically, but in those moments, we have to find something else. A trip like this, cycling 330 miles from Maine to Vermont, pulls out the highest expression of the human spirit. I️ believe sport has the power to unite us. I’m incredibly grateful that I️ had the opportunity to do this ride and for the people I️ shared it with: @jjamesjoiner, @jimmypixs, @bryancminto, @meganmcisaac, @rob.lea, @iamspecialized_adv and our support crew of @underground_ian. I️ can’t wait for the next adventure.

330.4 miles. 18,773’ of elevation gain. 32 hours 57 minutes of riding time. 3 states. 6 riders. 1 support vehicle and driver. Our ride across the Northeast from Maine to Vermont has come to an end and I’m happy to report that we achieved our goal. More to come, for now, I must keep eating. Photo: @rob.lea

One of my favorite #OptOutside moments: waking up with the desert sunrise with two of my favorite people, @brooke.froelich and @huck.gaynes in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. @rei #sponsored

Current status: biking the Northeast. We’ve pedaled 239 miles so far, starting with sunrise on Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park to Bethlehem, New Hampshire over the past four days. Our goal is to finish near Burlington, VT on Monday for 330 total miles. It’s been a wild adventure so far, full of highs and lows (and sore rear ends) shared with an unforgettable crew. I’m hoping my legs hold out for the home stretch! @iamspecialized_adv

Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe and have fun tonight.

I grew up with three half-siblings and three full siblings. I never knew we were a blended family until I got older. When I was six, my older half-sister had a daughter and I became an aunt at a young age. Again, I didn’t think this was unconventional. I was delighted to have more kids to play with! Family can come in many different types and structures. The point of my story is that no matter what your family looks like, the outdoors brings us together. There’s something about getting in the car and going on a trip that forces everyone to get along and have fun. I was delighted to share a trip to Bears Ears, a place near and dear to my heart, with my nieces and nephew, @anna.demonster, @liz.demonster and @elliotmg this weekend. @keen #keenambassador

This weekend, I’m on a family trip with my nieces and nephew. When I was growing up, my older family members would always take me and my siblings on the most exhilirating outdoor adventure trips. And now that I’m getting to be older, I felt it was my duty to keep the tradition alive. I decided to take the crew deep into the newly designated Bears Ears National Monument to show them a real adventure. To go someplace where roads aren’t named and trails have no markers. I wanted them to see that when we work together, we can not only survive, but we can thrive in wild places so they would go home with a sense of independence, self-sufficiency and freedom. After a long day of exploring a canyon far away from cell towers or paved roads, we got back to hear the news that President Trump wants to shrink this monument and Grand Staircase-Escalate, a move that is both unprecedented and illegal. These places are national treasures. Bears Ears is significant not only for Utahns, but for all the people of the world, and if it were located anywhere else, it would have been permanently protected a long time ago. It is our shared human heritage. President Trump, you are not representing the interests of the American people or our values. You are on the wrong side of history. We continue to #standwithbearsears

My blog from our National Monument trip is live on the @keen blog! Check out the link below or in my profile to read about the time @meg_haywoodsullivan and I went to 4 National Monuments in 4 Days! If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure without the crowds, consider planning a road trip to one of America’s 129 National Monuments. #livemonumental #keenambassador

It’s getting to be that time of year…time to vote for your favorite skiers in the @powdermagazine #powderawards! I’m honored to be nominated with such a talented group of athletes. Head on over to the link below or in my profile to cast your vote. @rob.lea

As the snow starts to fly, it's time to start talking about avalanche safety and decision-making in avalanche terrain. Tomorrow, 10/19, I'll be doing a Q&A on the @REI Facebook page at 11 am MST. Tune in, and I look forward to chatting with you then! #ForceOfNature #sponsored

Two fellow ski mountaineers and women that that I am inspired by are @kitdski and @hilareeoneill (pictured here, exploring the mountains in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge). Their ski mountaineering and climbing resumes are impressive, but I am equally inspired by their courage in speaking up for our threatened, wild places as fellow ambassadors for @protectourwinters. This week, the Senate is considering opening up this area for drilling. Text DONTDRILL to 52886 to take action, or visit the link below or in my profile. @jxnfigs

I believe my purpose on earth is to do good for the world and I like to partner with brands who feel the same way. My friends at @keen are doing a fundraiser to help communities affected by the wildfires in California, and they will match your donation up to $25,000. Visit the link below or in my profile to donate. Every little bit helps! #KEENPhoto: @meg_haywoodsullivan

One of the most common questions I get after people watch “Follow Through” is, how do I get into backcountry skiing? The first step is to take an avalanche education class, and there’s no time like the present to sign up. Go to and click on the “Education” tab to find info and local resources. If you haven’t seen the film yet, check out the link in my profile to watch it! Photo: @rob.lea

In 2012, I had the good fortune of meeting Hayden Kennedy and his parents on a week long trip to Valhalla Mountain Touring with @liz_daley. I’ll never forget his long, gazelle like stride as we skinned up the mountain. He moved through the mountains with such efficiency and ease. At the top, the sun came out and we shared this view. He had an ear to ear grin as he dropped into the powdery slope. He was always smiling and laughing, and I appreciated his candor. At the time, I was just learning about the world of alpinism. As I learned more about Hayden and his accomplishments, I looked up to him (even though he is 3 years my junior). Hayden made me want to become a better skier and climber. He and Liz lit a fire in me. It’s hard to believe they are no longer with us. I never got to meet Inge, but I have a feeling she would’ve had the same effect. My heart goes out to Hayden and Inge’s family and friends, and everyone they inspired. Sending big hugs all around.

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2017! I’m proud that my home of Salt Lake City, UT has taken an important step of recognizing the importance of Indigenous people to the fabric of this country. Much of the lands we now live in were acquired through the forced removal of their original inhabitants. This change recognizes the contributions, history, and sacrifices made by the original inhabitants of Utah, including the Ute, Paiute, Navajo, Shoshone, Goshute, Hopi, Zuni and more.Efforts like Indigenous Peoples’ Day affirm that Native voices are being heard.Join with me in celebrating our strong and resilient Indigenous peoples, cultures and histories today!@nativesoutdoors

Double puffy weather on the top of Mt. Nebo today! It was wild watching the weather blow in up there. Who else is stoked for winter? : @rob.lea

When we set out to make “Follow Through,” I had no idea it would turn out like it did. I love how it sparks conversations about bigger topics and I’m excited to keep the discussion going. Right now, we’re doing a Global “Follow Through” Watch Party with Live Q&A during and after the film. Join us:‬Link also in profile.

I've been absolutely overwhelmed by the response to “Follow Through”. I'm grateful for everyone who has taken the time to watch the film. Many of the comments and messages I've received have brought me to tears. Thank you all so much. If you haven't watched the film yet, we are doing a global watch party tomorrow night at 5 PM PST on the @REI Facebook page. I will be online during the showing and afterward to do a Live Q&A! More info via the link in my profile. I hope you'll join us. #ForceOfNature #sponsored

It’s easy to look at someone’s life on social media and make assumptions. But when you dig a little deeper, there’s more than meets the eye.I’m grateful to share my story in Follow Through, a film released today by @REI and @DuctTapeThenBeer. This was years in the making, and I would love if you would take a few minutes out of your day to watch via the link in my profile.I hope it will spark conversations and bring issues to light that aren’t normally confronted. Things that aren’t easy to talk about. Cyber harassment, negativity, death, grieving, insecurity, risk, and fear.Huge thanks to the creative genius of @acpictures and @ducttapethenbeer and for the incredible support of @REI. And this wouldn’t be possible without @iflyheli, @ktmillerphoto, @rob.lea, and of course the author of the Chuting Gallery, @straightchuter. I’d love to hear what you think.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by the events in Vegas. Moments like these leave me searching for the right words. They also leave me full of questions about my country. Why would someone commit such an atrocious act of domestic terror? To quote my friend @stacyabare – “We’ve got to find a way to build community in this country that all people can feel a part of and give people a path to dignity. Maybe I’m reaching.” In the aftermath, we all need to continue reaching. Photo: I always dream of running away to Canada (pictured here). While I love to visit our neighbor up North, I always come home because there is so much work we need to do in America. #PrayForVegas

Three years ago today, the world lost a bright, shining soul when @liz_daley perished in an avalanche. It still feels hard to breathe when I think about it. Last night, while I was in Yosemite, we were talking about loss, about Dean Potter and the tourist who was killed in rockfall this week. One of the women I met asked me if Liz visits me in my dreams. She recommended I start talking to her more frequently. I was intrigued with the idea. Today, I listened to an episode of This American Life about a disconnected phone booth in a garden in Japan where people go to talk to their dead or missing family members in the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami. It made me think about how difficult it's been to deal with the grief of losing someone you love. Grieving is a complicated, messy process, and often, it's a solitary one too. This year, perhaps I'll try a different approach, pick up an imaginary phone, and make a call to let Liz know what's going on, that we miss her, and we continue to celebrate her legacy with impromptu dance parties and smiles for miles. One of the most important things I've learned is to never wait to tell someone how you feel. Express gratitude, love and appreciation, and give big hugs generously. Life is uncertain. #livelikeliz

Mark your calendars! I am so excited to be working with @REI and @DuctTapeThenBeer on "Follow Through", a film about my Chuting Gallery project that will be released October 2 (NEXT WEEK!) Stay tuned for more to come! #sponsoredPhoto: @acpictures

Ridgelines of my dreams. In my happy place for 20,400 ft/6200m of uphill and 43 miles/69 km in the amazing Canadian Rockies this past week. And our trip isn't over yet! Two more days! What should we scramble up?

Training for winter with a 5,000 ft in 5 mile scramble to the top of Walcott Peak. The rocks were wet, loose and extra slippery. It was one of those days where I just put my head down to grind out the hours. I didn't break any PRs, but we had an unforgettable afternoon moving through semi-technical terrain. 8 peaks in 8 days so far on our Canadian Rockies trip! Thankfully @rob.lea had more energy than I did and took some nice photos and video clips. @lekiusa

It was an honor to share stories from the mountains as a keynote speaker at the Banff Venture Forum this week. My call to action to all my fellow risk takers – whether you’re on the mountain or in a business setting – is to navigate risk with transparency, openness and communication. #BVF2017 photo: @rob.lea

One of the most common things I hear when I first meet people who follow me on social media is, "I thought you'd be taller." The truth is, I'm barely over five feet tall. I don't like to dwell on all the ways it can be a disadvantage. Instead, I like to think about how a lower center of gravity makes me more confident in steep terrain (especially on skis!). Today, I was in my element on Lady Macdonald, and the ridge walk did not disappoint. Good training for winter! #bigmtndreams Photo: @rob.lea

It's no secret that I love snow and ice. We found winter in the Canadian Rockies!It was a pleasure to share a long day in the mountains with @vvalchev @lucas_really and @rob.lea. Wishing a very happy birthday to @vvalchev today as well! #bigmtndreams Photo: @lucas_really

I've had that ear to ear grin since we got to Canada. Peyto Lake, Banff National Park. Photo: @rob.lea @keen #keenambassador

I'm drawn to surround myself with friends who have spine, who are unafraid to question the status quo and challenge the world's preconceived notions. Friends like @brooke.froelich, a neuro-biologist, entrepreneur, athlete, Mom and loyal friend. It was a privilege to celebrate your bachelorette (along with @hannahbrie2 @christinedern and @afrost1585) this weekend and I'm so happy for you for the journey ahead!

Cranking out office work this week so I can have more days like this! I'm currently putting the finishing touches on a talk about managing risk and reaching the summit that I'll be presenting as a keynote speaker at the Banff Venture Forum, September 21! I can't wait to share my perspective on the parallels between finding the edge in the mountains and the entrepreneurial world. I'm excited for the conference, and to spend some time scrambling up some peaks in the Canadian Rockies! Let's pray for rain to put those wildfires out! #BVF2017Photo: @rob.lea who can name the peak?

Silence is un-American. As uncomfortable as it can be to speak up about climate change (and the relationship to wildfires and hurricanes), we have to continue raising the alarm. There's a lot to feel depressed about, as smoky haze surrounds us in the West and our President undoes #DACA in the east. I stand with the Dreamers. We will continue the fight to protect the America we know and love, ever vigilant and optimistic. #defendDACA #monumentsforall Photos @meg_haywoodsullivan

My friends over at @nevernotcollective are doing a Kickstarter to make an all female climbing film. The coolest part – it will made by an all female media team. Check out the link below or in my profile to learn more and support them:

I think it's ok to be really terrified of something and do it anyway. I recently did a podcast interview with @wildideasworthliving about climbing mountains, dealing with fear and speaking up to protect the places where we love to play. Check it out via the link below or in my profile: @scottrinck

One of my favorite authors, Ed Abbey, once said,"It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it." I moved to Utah from Minnesota when I was 15, with a deep desire to explore the West. In high school, was deeply inspired by environmental literature, including Ed Abbey's "Monkey Wrench Gang" and Chip Ward's "Canaries on the Rim." These books, consumed during my formative years, helped shape me into the person I am today. Wrapping up the Southern California National Monument road trip with @meg_haywoodsullivan, I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to merge adventure and environmental activism. We enjoyed a cool, windless night (perfect sleeping conditions!) near Sand to Snow National Monument last night. @keen #keenambassador

An attack on one national monument is an attack on all of them. San Gabriel Mountains National Monument was designated to increase outdoor access for the people of Los Angeles. The outdoors is a place for all Americans, and we all deserve access to nature. For the past four days, @meg_haywoodsullivan and I have been immersing ourselves in these landscapes to better understand what's at stake, and to re-energize for the fight ahead. @keen #keenambassador

Dinner with a view. When you think of Los Angeles, you don't normally think of mountains. But maybe you should. San Gabriel Mountains National Monument provides 70% of the open space to more than 15 million people who live within a 90 minute drive. It's crucial habitat for wildlife. And the watershed provides one third of LA's drinking water. I highly recommend visiting. We have one more stop on our California monument road trip! Photo: @meg_haywoodsullivan @keen #keenambassador

Worth protecting. Day two of our California monument road trip. Giant Sequoia National Monument with @meg_haywoodsullivan. @keen #keenambassador

It's one thing to see a place. It's another to sleep there. At night, Carrizo Plain came alive with wildlife- from the whooo of the owl, to the scurry of the kangaroo rat and the bark of the fox. This California National Monument is still under threat, as the @usinterior has not released any definitive information on whether they plan to shrink the protected landscape or open it up to oil drilling. This place is not just a refuge for humans. National Monument designations are essential for wildlife and plant species too. #defendcarrizoplainPhoto: @meg_haywoodsullivan @keen #keenambassador

On Thursday, Secretary of the @usinterior Ryan Zinke announced recommendations for our National Monuments, and is urging the President to change the boundaries on a handful of our treasured, wild places. The lack of transparency in his recommendation is a concern. @meg_haywoodsullivan and I decided to hit the ground running, and over the next four days, we will have our boots on the ground, exploring four California National Monuments. Stay tuned for more stories and photos from the road! @keen #keenambassador

Moments like these make all the packing and travel worth it. Back home in Utah to do unpack/repack duffel shuffle. Tomorrow, I'm off to California to meet up with fellow #KEENambassador @meg_haywoodsullivan to explore four threatened National Monuments in four days! Stay tuned! @keen Photo: @meg_haywoodsullivan

Our public lands and the trails and tracks within them are the veins of our community. And when the connectivity is disrupted, it hurts humans, wildlife and ecosystems within. Public lands are the bone marrow of who we are as Americans. Hunters, hikers, liberals and conservatives from coast to coast all agree that these lands are part of our heritage and are our gift to future generations. Tomorrow, @usinterior Secretary Ryan Zinke will announce his recommendations on whether to shrink or eliminate 21 national monuments containing 8.6 million acres of land. I hope he will listen to the millions of Americans who spoke up and keep these treasured wild places protected as they are. Photo: @alex_taran and I on a ski descent of Mt. Baker captured by @moonmountainman.

I'm so incredibly proud to be an ambassador for @patagonia, a company who has been leading the fight to protect public lands for almost 30 years. They just released their first ever television commercial urging Secretary of the @usinterior Ryan Zinke to protect our public lands. These are unprecedented times, and this is about standing up for places that belong to future generations. Check out the teaser here and check out the link below or in my profile to learn more. text 'defend' to 52886 to stay up to date on calls to action!

As summer fades into fall, my mind starts to dream about trips to Bears Ears. You may not know that Bears Ears is the first National Park or Monument collaboratively managed by sovereign tribal nations, who possess 10,000+ years of experience stewarding this sacred cultural landscape. Native American Tribes demonstrated remarkable leadership spearheading the protection of Bears Ears National Monument in my home state of Utah. In response to the unnecessary and short-sighted Monuments review initiated by executive order, millions of Americans stepped up to call on @usinterior Secretary Zinke to honor the healing process of Bears Ears and recommend upholding the 1.35 million acre boundary in full. Tribes, Utahns, and the American public overwhelmingly support the continued protection of Bears Ears National Monument. Secretary Zinke, Bears Ears is America's chance to listen: #StandWithBearsEars!Follow @protectbearsears for #BearsEars updates & ways to take actionPhoto by Marc Toso/ @ancient_sky

I first met Morgan Dixon, one of the founders of @GirlTrek, last fall at @ShiftJH and her work and messaging really struck a chord with me. At the time, I had been working hard on a variety of projects at my home office, and I was feeling isolated and disconnected from the world. I saw a film about her mission – creating a national health movement that activates thousands of Black women to be change makers in their lives and communities – through walking – and it almost brought me to tears. Walking in your neighborhood is such a wonderful way to get outside and feel connected to community. It’s what I do when I’m feeling busy and stressed out and need a break, and it makes me so stoked to see the @girltrek movement grow! Be sure to check out to learn more and give them a follow! Ps – they are holding a self care retreat for Black women this Labor Day weekend in the Rockies. It’s called the #StressProtest – learn more at!Photo is of Girltrekker @ravishing_beauty_ taken by @morgantreks.

America was founded on the core value that all people are created equal, regardless of religion, sex or skin color. Just like the distinctly American notion of preserving open spaces, we must continue to defend the values that make us who we are. White supremacy and racism are wrong and are counter to our country's ideals. What happened is Charlottesville is painful to try and comprehend, and my heart goes out to everyone affected by the domestic act of terror. The outdoors and the rest of America are for all of us. I want to be an ally and supporter to people of color and other marginalized groups. The first step is to seek out diverse voices and perspectives. I recommend following @outdoorafro, @latinooutdoors, @nativeoutdoors, @girltrek, @protectbearsears, @theventureoutproject and @paradoxsports. This list isn't comprehensive- it's a starting point. I'd love to hear you chime in with other groups we can follow to broaden our exposure!

I love how the outdoors brings us together. Now, more than ever, we need to harness that collective energy to speak up and take action. Read more about why it matters to support a cause and how to take the next step in my recent blog post on the @REI Co-op journal. Link below and in profile. #sponsored @crossroadstudios

It's no secret that I love my hometown of Salt Lake City, UT. I caught up with @outsidemagazine to share my top picks for the ultimate weekend in my hometown. Check out the link below or in my profile. @keen #keenambassador @acpictures