Finding the #lineofmydreams with @jaybeyerimaging and @independentdescents. #Sloveniandreams

Exploring the vast wildness of Triglav National Park with @jaybeyerimaging and @independentdescents. Triglav is one of the oldest European national parks. It's interesting to consider how different the mountain experience is in the Alps vs parts of the U.S. How does wilderness make you feel? #Sloveniandreams #bigmtndreams

#Sloveniandreams come true! Ascending a line of my dreams in the Julian Alps with @jaybeyerimaging. Regram from @independentdescents. #bigmtndreams

Growing up in Minnesota, I've always been inspired by the alpine- the high places where you can surround yourself with the toothiest, most jagged rock. Being around these peaks gives me a sense of direction that I never had in the frozen flatlands of the Midwest. And I was delighted by what we found on our first day in Slovenia today. #Sloveniandreams

Often, the inspiration for a trip comes from a photo. One year ago, @evahouse showed me pictures of ski lines near her hometown that she stared at as a little girl. I couldn't forget those beautiful mountains, and have been dreaming of them since. I wish Eva could have come with, but I'm excited to begin exploring with the boys. First day in the Julian Alps, with @independentdescents and @jaybeyerimaging #Sloveniandreams #bigmtndreams

Zdravo! Greetings from Slovenia! CG travel tip of the day: try to learn a few words and key phrases in the language of the country you're visiting, even if people speak English. It's fun to practice and locals are usually happy to help you learn. Here's me, tired and jet lagged, on the car ride from Italy to Slovenia brushing up on my Slovene. Can't wait to get into the mountains tomorrow! #Sloveniandreams #bigmtndreams @patagonia @jaybeyerimaging

It's hard to leave the beautiful ridge tops of the Wasatch that I love so much, but I'm excited and grateful for the opportunity to travel and make our #Sloveniandreams a reality. Our second time at the airport was successful and I'm onboard with @jaybeyerimaging and @independentdescents, ready to depart! #bigmtndreams @acpictures

It looks like Slovenia will remain a dream for two more days because one of our team member's passport will expire in 82 days and you need 90 days to travel. We leave Saturday now. But the upside is I got to meet @sashadigiulian at #orwm2015 today! I have been a big fan of hers for awhile and I'm constantly inspired by her posts, especially her recent progression into mixed climbing! I love all the awesome people I get to work with in the outdoor industry and it was so good to see them at @outdoorretailer! Today was a good reminder to let people know how much you appreciate them. And keep your passport current if you want to be an international traveler. #sloveniandreams #bigmtndreams

It's been an awesome start to the season in Utah but I'm off to the next adventure. Starting with Slovenia (with @jaybeyerimaging and @independentdescents), I'm about to embark on a series of trips that will put all my training to the test. #sloveniandreams #bigmtndreams @rob.lea

Training my trail breaking muscles tonight at @momentumclimbing. I'm excited to put all my training to use, soon. #sloveniandreams But first, a day at the @outdoorretailer show. If you're at #orwm2015 tomorrow, stop by the @jaybirdsport booth from 2-3pm and say hi! #bigmtndreams #trainingforthenewalpinism

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." -MLK Dancing on the edge of darkness on Mt. Superior. A reminder to go forward and do everything with love in the heart. Happy MLK Jr. weekend everyone. : @louisarevalo #poweryourpassion @jaybirdsport

Finding beauty on wind-scoured ridge tops on today's exploratory tour with @parkcityrob. We decided to go wander in the backyard and reached a place in the Wasatch I've never been before. Sometimes it's good to have a map to the summit but sometimes it's fun to have an unknown adventure. I always love a new challenge. #bigmtndreams

Messy hair don't care on a lovely Saturday walk in the Wasatch. @parkcityrob #bigmtndreams

One of the aspects of my job I love the most is creatively collaborating with talented photographers and videographers. I spent the morning in the mountains with @wasatchandy and @crossroadstudios getting ski shots and the afternoon doing an interview at home for a little video project with @goalzero. Stay tuned! #solarlife #getoutstayout photo: @crossroadstudios

A little video clip from yesterday's hill workout. While I was transitioning for another uphill lap, I took a moment to appreciate the beauty of my surroundings. I especially love the pitter patter of snowflakes on the camera! #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz @gopro

Fifteen inches of fresh today @altaskiarea with more on the way tonight. This little storm delivered a much needed refresh to the Wasatch! Photo: @leecohen_pics

I'm so excited for a return to winter weather in the Wasatch #embracetheelements @jaybirdsport photo: @parkcityrob

It's not something I like to talk about often (because I love my home so much), but Salt Lake's air is so unhealthy right now that you might want to consider wearing a mask. As an athlete who likes to train outside, I urge you to support the EPA's Clean Power Plan, the biggest change the U.S. Government would take on climate change to date. It calls for a 30% reduction in carbon emissions from power plants, which are the largest source of carbon pollution in the US. If implemented, the plan would also cut our SLC smog by 25%. Consider contacting your state representatives and ask for their support. #actonclimate And carpool up to the mountains to get some fresh air!Photo: @tmacphee – Check out his profile for more images from this powerful photo project he is doing.

Happy birthday to my beautiful, radiant friend @brookegaynes! I was delighted to join her in a hike today with @johngaynes and their newborn, @huckgaynes. Only hours old, he's already trekking through the wintery woods. Brooke is an absolute rockstar and I'm so inspired by all the moms and dads that manage to stay active with little ones. To all my parent followers, what are your best tips and tricks? I'd love to hear them!

Powder beards are so hot right now. #embracetheelements @jaybirdsport @lekiusa @louisarevalo

The grandfather tree. Most of the trees in Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons were cut down for mining and other developments by the early 1900s, except for the ones that were too twisted and knotted to be considered useful. I find them so utterly beautiful, like diamonds in the rough. Post inspired by @louisarevalo.

Topping out on a steep, narrow couloir in Cardiff Fork last week with @louisarevalo and @parkcityrob. I love skiing because it makes me feel so powerful and alive. While the mountains give us so much, they are a force never to be taken lightly. I'm heart broken to hear about the passing of @bryce_astle and Ronnie Berlack in an avalanche in Austria. Sending lots of love and healing vibes to their friends and family. life is fragile. Events like this are a reminder to never take a moment for granted. #livelikeliz

My goal for 2015 is to be more honest, with myself and with others. This was inspired by a skintrack conversation with @louisarevalo and a recent post from @stevehouse10. So in the spirit of full disclosure, I'm going to tell you that most of what I do is not that easy or fun. I find solace in the suffering, continually asking my mind to quiet itself and focusing on putting one foot in front of another, for a very long time. Summits and smiles don't come easily. #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz photo: @parkcityrob

Yesterday was my birthday. And it was my happiest birthday yet. I spent the day exploring the mountains with friends, enjoying the new snow and finding stable avalanche conditions on the line we wanted to ski. Thanks to everyone for the warm birthday wishes and Happy New Year! #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz photo: @louisarevalo

The late @liz_daley shredding the NE Couloir of the Petit Mont Blanc in Chamonix. Liz was my inspiration for going to Cham, and for so many other things in life. If you're around Park City or Salt Lake tonight, come check out my slideshow at The Mine Bouldering Gym in PC at 6:30. Also @cindilougrant will be presenting! Free Bouldering afterward. #livelikeliz #chamonixoxo

Powder makes me happy. Video by @parkcityrob #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz

Navigating the rocky ridge on the way to Superior with @parkcityrob. So much snow in the Wasatch right now! Photo: @louisarevalo #bigmtndreams

Standing atop a 3,000' dream line. Some days my workouts are more exciting than others. Yesterday's training was a sweet treat! #bigmtndreams #trainingforthenewalpinism

Sunrise+powder+big mtn+good friends = a very happy Carolina! The -13 degree pre-dawn wind chill made us feel so alive! Thanks @louisarevalo and @parkcityrob for rallying! #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz #embracetheelements @jaybirdsport

Happy holidays! Sending warm Christmas wishes to everyone! I must've been a good girl this year because I got everything I wanted: a huge holiday storm and lots of fresh powder snow at @altaskiarea and @snowbird. Throwing it back to last season, sunrise on the glacier in Alaska. Photo: @jaybeyerimaging #akgirls_way #find_away #livelikeliz

A lovely day for a walk in the neighborhood. 1-2' of fresh, awesome base building snow in the Cottonwoods! Photo: @jaybeyerimaging #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz

Happy Winter Solstice! So happy to play in the new snow today at @altaskiarea! #poweryourpassion @jaybirdsport Photo: @parkcityrob

Exploring the wonders of Hyalite Canyon on my ongoing journey to improve my skills as an alpinist. The ice rescue course I recently completed is just one piece of the puzzle. It takes years to develop all the skills to become a proficient ski mountaineer. Tomorrow, I'm giving a slideshow at @snowbird about my trip to Chamonix and my progression into world of ski alpinism. Come by and check it out if you're around! Link in profile. Photo: @parkcityrob Huge thanks to all my sponsors: @jaybirdsport @zealoptics @patagonia @lekiusa @goalzero @nordicausa @clifbarcompany @prethelmets @delormegps #livelikeliz #bigmtndreams

Snow makes me happy! I spent the weekend taking an ice rescue course at the @bozemanicefest through the Khumbu Climbing Center. Hyalite Canyon (pictured here, on the approach to our climb) was an awesome setting to practice these important skills. Whether you want to head out on steep snow, rock or ice, I highly recommend taking a rock or ice rescue course near you. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to continue learning and practicing my technical rope skills. #bif18 #livelikeliz photo: @parkcityrob

Chasing frozen waterfalls. After a day of warm up to get back into the swing of things, we ventured out to climb Dribbles, an almost 500' WI4 climb in Hyalite Canyon. Huge props to @louisarevalo for leading this! Photo: @parkcityrob #bif18 #bigmtndreams

Practicing my steep ice technique in Hyalite – Loving my time here in Bozeman for the ice fest so far! If you ever have a chance to check out an ice festival, it's the best way to learn and improve technique, as well as try new gear and meet rad people. #bif18 photo: @ktmillerphoto #bigmtndreams

I've always thought that skiing and mountain art go hand in hand. That's why I'm so excited and honored to be featured on this beautiful painting by Seattle based artist and designer @mimikvinge_creative. I love her creative expression of winter sports culture- Check out more of her work! Link in profile! #bigmtndreams

A beautiful Bozeman sunrise. Psyched for a day of ice climbing! #bif18 #poweryourpassion @jaybirdsport

We love ice climbing!!! I was soooo stoked to get some pitches in with @ktmillerphoto in Hyalite Canyon, Bozeman, MT. Here all week for the Bozrman Ice fest. #bif18 #livelikeliz

With a good partner, you can go far. Sometimes it just takes the slightest bit of encouragement to push yourself farther than you thought you could go, or take the edge off the sufferfest. I'm grateful for all my mountain partners, past, present and future. (And I'm looking forward to seeing @ktmillerphoto, pictured here, really soon!) @jaybirdsport #poweryourpassion #livelikeliz

Watched the sun set on Flagstaff and the moon rise on Hidden Peak at @snowbird. Also threw in a West Ridge of Toledo- Toledo Chute and a lap into Days Fork. We love our #Sundaysufferfest in the Wasatch! Photo: @parkcityrob #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz

One of my favorite shots from our #MexiSnowGetaway, @brodyleven and @graysonschaffer navigating their way their a technical down climb in the Labrynth section of the route. Today, someone asked me how I stay motivated for training. And it made me think of this- all my training made me as physically prepared as possible to do Orizaba in a weekend (a day, really- we were on and off the highest volcano in North America 24 hours after landing in Mexico.) There are enough obstacles that stand between you and the summit of your dreams. Fitness is one of the variables you can control. #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz

One of my goals lately is to bring the energy @liz_daley and I shared to the world. To focus on the positive and keep dancing, because life is too awesome to be sad. #livelikeliz #tbt to #akgirls_way last spring. Photo: @jaybeyerimaging Taking a shower on the glacier felt so good.

Today's training: 3600' with 25% of my body weight in the pack. I love the added challenge of training outside in a snowstorm! The wind in your face makes you feel so alive. Photo: @louisarevalo #bigmtndreams #livelikeliz

This is our future if we continue on the high carbon road. Rock, dirt, ice and very little snow. I've seen firsthand the effects of climate change on the glaciers in Ecuador and Mexico. They are receding at unprecedented rates. Its important to share these stories with Senators, the EPA and the White House. Climate change is not a belief system or a political issue. It's a reality. Some of you have asked how @brodyleven and I balance our environmentalism with airline travel. It's a good question. And there's no simple answer. Every human economic activity has costs. Our work involves travel. But our work also makes a tangible difference in the world. It's a lot harder to create a positive change in the world if you sit at home. Plus, that's not my calling. We live an examined life and do what we can to inspire change. We are doing our best to behave more responsibly to the earth. And to create the future we envision. But to be a mover and a shaker, sometimes you have to move and shake. Will you join us? #actonclimate @protectourwinters photo: @graysonschaffer @outsidemagazine

Today's training: Four uphill laps=close to 7k' Sunday funday at @brightonresort. I'm grateful for my training plan to keep me focused and @parkcityrob for keeping me company! I remember reading somewhere that "Gratitude is the raddest attitude." Keep the Turkey Day spirit all year long. #explorethankfulness #livelikeliz #bigmtndreams

"There are no bad waves, only a poor choice of equipment and a lousy attitude."-Mickey Munoz I try never take my time in the mountains for granted. I am so grateful for each opportunity I have to climb and ski, like last week on Orizaba. What are you grateful for? Hope everyone had a happy turkey day. #explorethankfulness Post inspired by @brodyleven #MexiSnowGetaway

Reaching the 18,503' summit of the highest volcano in North America was the icing on the cake. Even though it was a sufferfest, I loved every moment of our #MexiSnowGetaway. I'm so grateful to climb and ski big mountains, and for the awesome people (i.e. @brodyleven @graysonschaffer) I get to meet along the way. Safe Thanksgiving travels everyone!

Thinking back to the whirlwind that was last week- going straight from DC to Orizaba for a little #MexiSnowGetaway. We packed so much into those four days. There's nothing I love more than climbing and skiing big mountains. It forces me to find peace in the present moment and enjoy the little things. The experience of seeing the mountain shadow at sunrise – shared with good friends – is so precious, I feel grateful we had such a successful trip! More pics to come! @brodyleven @graysonschaffer @outsidemagazine

Soooo stoked I made it home in time to ski fresh powder! Winter has arrived in Utah and I couldn't be happier. #poweryourpassion @jaybirdsport photo: @parkcityrob