Went out for a casual dayhike with @ktmillerphoto and @lydlovesmud. 18 miles later… #sandbagged and loving it. Montana #sufferfest

Oh Montana. How happy I am to visit you. #exploremore #find_away

From the archives: lost in a slurry of pink and purple light. Alaska, April 2014. Photo: @liz_daley #akgirls_way #find_away @patagonia

Choss boss. As we neared the end of the Kessler-Superior linkup, the rock quality started to deteoriate, quickly. For those considering this traverse, I recommend bypassing Cardiac Ridge. In this photo, I'm practicing a technique @brodyleven taught me for dealing with tired legs! Press your hands onto your thighs to engage core. #bigmtndreams #find_away

Yesterday, I completed a ridge traverse I've been dreaming about for a year- Kessler peak to Superior! Lots of exposed scrambling forced me to focus on footwork. Which leads me to my tech tip of the day: precise footwork will save energy on a big day. Look down at where you are stepping, take soft, small steps, and don't forget to breathe! It gets easier every time- I can't wait to figure out my next ridge link up. #bigmtndreams #exploremore #find_away

We all have fears. One of my fears is lightning. Today, I almost cancelled my planned adventure because of the weather forecast. But we decided to go, always monitoring the weather and considering a bail plan. I ended up completing a ridge traverse I've been dreaming about for a year- Kessler Peak to Superior! There were a lot of unknowns when we started this adventure, but we navigated our way to a successful finish, with only a few raindrops falling on our heads. Sometimes you have to face your deepest fear to accomplish your goals. #bigmtndreams

Winter is coming. You can feel the chill in the air. #tbt to this windy, magical sunrise on top of Hidden Peak at @snowbird. Photo: @alexaphoto #bigmtndreams

Watching the storm roll in from the top of Hidden Peak at @snowbird. Stoked I timed my afternoon cardio in between monsoonal surges. #bigmtndreams #embracetheelements

I can't wait for all these chutes to be filled with snow. It's great to visit my favorite ski terrain in the summer – it gives me a deeper appreciation of the beauty of moving on skis in the winter. #bigmtndreams #exploremore

Getting down and dirty, planting trees. This weekend, I volunteered with TreeUtah and together, we planted 2,000 native trees at @skisolitude. There are very few ancient trees in Big Cottonwood Canyon due to widespread logging for mining activities in the late 1800s. In addition to all their other benefits, trees tend to anchor the snowpack, which can prevent destructive avalanche activity. I had so much fun digging around in the dirt with @megansuszynski and @hbdub, giving these little trees a new home in the Wasatch mountains.

"Training is not the same as exercising; training requires discipline, attention, and consistency. The challenge is to adhere to a schedule and gently coax your body into a regime, not bludgeon it into submission." Excerpt from Training for the New Alpinism by @stevehouse10. Tonight's training session involved hiking to the top of Hidden Peak at @snowbird. Thanks @brookegaynes and @johngaynes for being such stellar training partners! #bigmtndreams #trainingforthenewalpinism

Strong-legged girls climb many mountains. Stretching out the limbs after tagging the summit of Sunset Peak at @altaskiarea with @spicinguplife. A hike is the perfect way to catch up with friends! Photo: @alexaphoto

When trip planning, remember that the best adventures don't have to be the most expensive. We had so much fun snow camping on the glacier in Alaska and earning our turns instead of flying from a helicopter. What are your tips for adventure traveling on a budget? I'm curious to learn for future trip planning! #akgirls_way #bigmtndreams @bigagnes_

Dreaming of big mountains covered in snow and ice. Photo: @cavemancollective #bigmtndreams

Some of the best adventures are waiting in your own backyard. @lhittmeier topping out on the summit of Devil's Castle at @altaskiarea.

A lovely morning scramble across Devil's Castle with @andrewbydlon and @lhittmeier. Moving around in technical, exposed terrain like this is challenging- the movement is physically demanding and often, there are route finding issues and other unknowns. But, a wise mentor once told me, "familiarity breeds confidence," so I like to practice to keep skills sharp. Plus, there's nothing like a spicy ridge traverse to wake you up in the morning. #bigmtndreams #exploremore

With friends, even the longest, darkest hikes feel light and easy. Stoked on all my great adventure partners! Reminiscing this gorgeous sunrise last summer with @brookegaynes on the Broads Fork Twin Peaks. #bigmtndreams #exploremore

Grateful to be outdoors after a productive week at @outdoorretailer. Sunset hike to the apron of Devil's Castle with @brookegaynes and. @johngaynes at @altaskiarea.

The first time I saw Indian Paintbrush wildflowers was on a backpacking trip in the Winds when I was a little girl. They still bring back all the joyous memories of being free and wild in the outdoors. @altaskiarea #bigmtndreams #find_away

"We are all explorers." -Eric Larsen. I had the opportunity to listen to @elexplore speak today at the Outdoor Sustainability Insights Conference. His journey to the North Pole is super inspiring and is giving me new motivation as I plan my goals and trips for 14-15! Photo: ridge walking near Sunrise Peak taken by @tmacphee. #bigmtndreams

First light on top of a steep spine line that I climbed to ski – Alaska is a little different when you're snow camping and earning your turns. So stoked to take my first trip there this past winter.A reminder to #TakeAPowderDay and make your dream trip happen! #meetthemoment @clifbarcompany

How I love a good ridge traverse. There's something so energizing about moving quickly from summit to summit. This weekend's linkup took me from East Castle at @altaskiarea to Hidden Peak at @snowbird- such a fun little jaunt in the 'hood.

Sometimes, my motivation to train comes from a simple desire to see a meadow of alpine wildflowers. What motivates you? Partners? Fitness? An upcoming event or expedition? Excited to hear feedback and I hope everyone is enjoying a stellar weekend. #bigmtndreams #find_away #exploremore

Throwback to my first Ski magazine cover, November 2008, photo by Lee Cohen at @altaskiarea. #tbt #bigmtndreams

Solo ridge scramble in very Scottish conditions. Sometimes you have to make the best of marginal conditions, deal with wet feet and slippery rock, and plan to bail quickly at the first clap of thunder. Luckily the weather window held for my afternoon jaunt up the West Ridge of Toledo! #bigmtndreams #embracetheelements #exploremore

Happy bday to my friend, photographer, videographer and ski mountaineer extraordinaire @ktmillerphoto. This past winter, KT and I went to Chamonix where we climbed and skied some of the steepest, most technical terrain the world. KT not only held her own, but she managed to film and shoot photos too! Keep an eye for our video webisode this fall, #chamonixoxo and follow Kt's adventures on Instagram. #bigmtndreams #find_away #exploremore

Steep and deep, fluffy and sloughy, skiing the Hallway Couloir in primo conditions last winter. Photo: @tmacphee #bigmtndreams

Without challenge, we would never grow strong. Overcoming physical and mental barriers is the key is self discovery, and performance in the mountains. #latergram from a particularly character building walk out through Cascade Canyon after skiing the full SW Couloir in the Middle Teton last spring. Photo: @tetonsandwasatch #bigmtndreams

CG tech tip of the day: practice down climbing. For me, down climbing is mentally challengig because it forces me to look at all the exposure below (eek). But practice makes perfect. It's an essential skill for the aspiring alpinist- especially if you're interested in ridge traverses! Practice in the gym or on TR. Photo: navigating a small cruxy down climbing move on the Matthes Crest in the Sierras. #bigmtndreams

Wading through the first of many pools of water on yesterday's canyoneering adventure.

My new favorite way to beat the summer heat: canyoneering! Enjoyed some cold water immersion therapy today in Pine Creek Canyon, Zion National Park. #bigmtndreams #find_away #petzlgram #exploremore

Cheers to all the pioneers, past, present and future! Thanks @brookegaynes and @johngaynes for showing me an awesome Pioneer Day adventure.

Summer is fun. But I'm looking forward to the day I can wear my snowsuit again. Photo: @davidstubbs1 taken for @skiingmagazine during the #livetoski #skimountaineering course in the Tetons.

Dreaming of long, deep powder runs, like this day during the 12-13 season, dropping into Coalpit. Photo: Lee Cohen @nordicausa @patagonia @lekiusa @zealoptics #bigmtndreams

Success on the Crest! I had an awesome morning chasing @brookegaynes down the Wasatch Crest trail! It was my first time doing this classic backyard ride. Sometimes it's good to switch up the workouts to keep from plateauing and to challenge new muscle groups.

Reflecting on one of my best climbing trips ever. Morning light on Tenaya Lake. #sierraspaweekend

Wildly exposed on the Matthes Crest ridge traverse. One of my favorite climbs to date. Despite impending thunderstorms every afternoon, we managed to climb three big objectives in three days. #sierraspaweekend @patagonia @zealoptics #exploremore #find_away #bigmtndreams

There's nothing like going from summit to beach. Completing the Tenaya Peak to Tenaya Lake linkup. #sierraspaweekend

After spending much time pushing myself on harder climbs, it felt so good to move fast over moderate terrain. Today, we simul-climbed 1400' of immaculate golden granite in two long pitches to bring us to the top of Tenaya Peak. I'm calling my trip #sierraspaweekend because this type of alpine climbing feels rejuvenating to my spirit. #bigmtndreams

Stoked we made it to the summit of Cathedral Peak today in the Sierras! #highsierra #bigmtndreams

Wishing a snow cone machine could deliver this. Photo: Lee Cohen @nordicausa @lekiusa @patagonia @zealoptics #bigmtndreams

There's something so gratifying about moving fast and light and covering a lot of ground in a day. Last summer, the ridge traverses of the Wasatch Mountains captured my imagination. Today, I'm packing up for a trip to the High Sierra to explore more spicy, knife edge terrain. So excited! The South Ridge of Superior (pictured here) will always be a source of inspiration and is the perfect training ground to take my skills to other ranges. Photo: @ktmillerphoto #bigmtndreams #exploremore

My two rules of alpine sufferfests: 1) it could be worse 2) just don't think about it. A little blood on the paws after climbing a razor sharp finger crack on a newly established route in Hogum Fork. On our two day outing, we were stoked to accompany the first ascensionist, Mark Evans, to place a bolt to protect the finishing move. #petzlgram @patagonia #bigmtndreams

The most idyllic mountain meadow, deep in the Wasatch. Alpine climbing is all new to me. And often, it feels really hard. But honing my ability to climb steep, technical terrain is some of the best training for ski mountaineering. So I persist, trying to tackle as many pitches as I can, with new lessons at each crux. #bigmtndreams #find_away #exploremore

Embrace your inner dirtbag. I found mine by sleeping in the perfect meadow under the splitter of my dreams, deep in the Wasatch wilderness. Despite the voracious mosquito attacks on every exposed piece of flesh, I managed to wake up and cheerfully climb a newly established route on the wall behind our bivy site. Hope you get in touch with your inner dirtbag this weekend!

Scrambled to the top of two 13ers today in the southern end of the Williams Mtns. Good fun this am in Colorado with @tessweaver and @pete_gaston.

When you venture into #wilderness, it's amazing how far away you can feel. Back to Salt Lake City after two days of exploring the alpine climbing in one of the most remote corners of the Wasatch. A lovely sunset greeted us as we came out of the canyon. I love what's in my backyard. #find_away #exploremore #bigmtndreams

Happy Monday from the Wasatch alpine. Continuing my year round love affair with these mountains. #exploremore #bigmtndreams #find_away

Happy 4th of July! Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend full of adventure and fun! @brookegaynes #bigmtndreams #exploremore

#tbt to last summer-on my quest to summit the 20 highest peaks in the Wasatch, I would often go for long ridge traverses to link up several summits at a time. In the first few miles of the Timpanogos traverse, I walked into a tree branch and impaled myself in the forehead. The blood was gushing, but we managed to stop the bleeding with an improvised head bandage made from a bandana and @petzl_official headlamp, and went on to complete the massive linkup. Photo: @tetonsandwasatch #bigmtndreams #find_away #exploremore