Back to civilization after 9 nights of snow camping on the glacier! At first, I was so nervous about how I would survive in such a cold, harsh climate but now I'm wondering how I will transition back into society. Such an amazing adventure… I learned so much- from tricks and tips to make glacier life more comfortable to slough management on AK spines! #akgirls_way was a roaring success. Thanks to my team and snow camping coaches @Liz_daley @jaybeyerimaging @_jt_photo – you all rule! More pics to come! @patagonia @zealoptics @lekiusa @goalzero @bigagnes_ @snocru @prethelmets @jaybirdsport @petzl_official #bigmtndreams

All packed up and ready to fly with @silvertipaviation! Stoked to snow camp on the glacier in pursuit of sick ski lines with @Liz_daley, @_jt_photo and @jaybeyerimaging! #akgirls_way #find_away #exploremore @patagonia @zealoptics @nordicausa @lekiusa

Tomorrow we are (hopefully) flying onto the glacier where we will snow camp to climb and ski lines for the next (+-) two weeks. Into the wild we go! I'll be taking a temporary break from Instagram but stay tuned for some radness when I get back! #akgirls_way #find_away @patagonia @zealoptics @nordicausa @lekiusa

First day in Alaska. On the lookout for sucker holes. #akgirls_way #gritty #find_away @patagonia @zealoptics

I've got spines on my mind as I make my way north on my first ski trip to AK. All those Superior laps have been good training! #akgirls_way #find_away photo by @willwiss. @patagonia @zealoptics @nordicausa @lekiusa #solarlife

#tbt to my first day ski touring in Chamonix with @liz_daley and friends. Looking forward to spending more time on the glacier with this lady – going to AK tomorrow! #akgirls_way @patagonia #find_away @zealoptics #exploremore

#tbt to my first day ski touring in Chamonix with @liz_daley and friends. Looking forward to spending more time on the glacier with this lady – going to AK tomorrow! #akgirls_way @patagonia #find_away @zealoptics #exploremore

Had to dress up for a day of spring skiing at @altaskiarea before my trip to Alaska. Leaving Friday – follow our trip #AKgirls_way. @patagonia @zealoptics @nordicausa

"Climb what you ski" is the mantra I try and bring to my ski mountaineering. That approach gives you a sense of conditions and hazards in your line. But sometimes you can't, as was the case when we rappeled into the Cunningham couloir off the Aiguille du Midi. The sun was hot and snow was heating up quick. We had to move swiftly to get out of this exposed line. As soon as we made it to the exit couloir, a giant wet slide roared through. Our timing was close but we we got through in the nick of time. #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams photo: Tom Grant @zealoptics @patagonia @prethelmets @lekiusa @jaybirdsport @snocru

Why go ski mountaineering? Y-not? Wallowing in snow, sopping wet gloves, mixed ridge climbing, rockfall, ice riddled chokes. Rappelling through the y-not couloir. Regram/photo @tmacphee

Just beginning to go through all the beautiful imagery from my Cham trip and get caught up on media before heading to Alaska next week! Here's one the top of the Grand Montet looking at the Aiguille du Midi in the clouds. #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams

Good morning from Little Cottonwood Canyon. #find_away #exploremore #bigmtndreams

Back to Wasatch chuting. Today, we linked up the East and West couloirs of Kessler Peak. @hhansman getting her first taste of the Wasatch spices. #chutinggallery #find_away

Rappelling off the bridge atop the Aiguille Du Midi to ski the Cunningham. #tbt to last week's adventure in Chamonix. #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams #find_away @prethelmets @lekiusa @nordicausa @jaybirdsport photo: Tom Grant

Happy to be back in the greatest snow on earth! Chamonix may have bigger mountains but Utah still wins with snow quality. I enjoyed a lovely day freeriding at @skisolitude. #exploremore #bigmtndreams #find_away

Oh how I miss Chamonix! Back in the USA but dreaming of days like this, climbing the Forbes Arête of the Chardonnet. Photo: @ktmillerphoto #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams

A beautiful sunset ski tour for my last day in Chamonix. I'm excited to head home to Utah but Cham will always be in my heart. #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams

Only two more days left of my Chamonix adventure. Already it's taken my ski mountaineering to a whole new level. #chamonixoxo @lekiusa @prethelmets @jaybirdsport @nordicausa

Steep lines and sunset powder. A beautiful bluebird day here in Chamonix! #chamonixoxo

My first mixed climb- very Scottish conditions on the Vent du Dragon- NW face of the Aiguille du Midi. Sergey Gitlin sending. #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams

Sometimes when you're climbing or skiing, you get into a rhythm where your head is down and you're focused on each step or turn. While pinpointed focus is crucial, it's also crucial to look up and around at your surroundings and revel in the beauty of the clouds and the sky. Often you find something unexpected that will inspire. #bigmtndreams #chamonixoxo #mountainlove

Skiing the West Couloir of the Chardonnet. Photo: Tom Grant #bigmtndreams #chamonixoxo

Looking up at the bosson glacier after a lap down the Cosmique yesterday. After two and a half weeks in Chamonix, I'm feeling stronger than ever. It's the best training zone. I just extended my trip one more week! I'm so excited to continue exploring the dangerous beauty of the Alps. #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams #find_away

Waist deep powder today in Chamonix! The Alps have been transformed! #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams #find_away

Thinking back to one week ago- Skiing the y-couloir on the Aiguille D'Argentiere. Chamonix has been covered with a fresh coat of snow and I can't wait to get back out and into the high mountains. #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams #find_away photo by @ktmillerphoto

Rest day today. As it rains down here in the Chamonix valley (and snows up high), I'm reminiscing about my trip so far. Here is one of my favorite images from the trip that captures the magic of #chamonixoxo taken by @ktmillerphoto featuring @Liz_daley, Tom Grant and me climbing up the Domes de Miage. #bigmtndreams #find_away

Standing atop the Dent du Geant (Giant's Tooth) ready to drop in. Everyday I am in the mountains of Chamonix, I find a new challenge that progresses my skiing and mountaineering abilities. #bigmtndreams #chamonixoxo #find_away

A sweet view of the Grand Charmoz on a sunset ski tour. I might never leave Chamonix. #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams

Moonrise over the mountains. Goodnight from Chamonix. Photo: @ktmillerphoto #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams

Summit stoke on the top of the Aiguille du Chardonnet with @ktmillerphoto yesterday. We did an amazing traverse of the mountain, ascending via the South Couloir and Forbes Arête and descending the West Couloir. The route delivered challenges at every turn- some spicy mixed climbing and ridge traversing, a superbly aesthetic, cliffed-out couloir descent and tricky glacier navigation on the exit. #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams @lekiusa @jaybirdsport @prethelmets @nordicausa @snocru

Partner selection for ski mountaineering pursuits is crucial. Summit success on the Aiguille D'Argentiere with @ktmillerphoto! And then we skied a steep dream line. #chamonixoxo #steepskiing #bigmtndreams @lekiusa @prethelmets @jaybirdsport @nordicausa @snocru

Had so much fun skiing the y-couloir in the Argentiere Basin today. As @Liz_daley said, "This ain't no LCC y." Indeed, it featured a bergshrund crossing, 30 m ice climb and rappel, and is much steeper and longer. This is exactly the type of challenge I came to Chamonix for. Everyday there is something that pushes my skiing and climbing. #bigmtndreams #chamonixoxo @lekiusa @prethelmets @nordicausa @jaybirdsport @zealoptics @snocru

There's steep skiing and then there's Chamonix. Redefining my notion of steep in the y-couloir today with @ktmillerphoto and Tom Grant. I'm so stoked we were able to tick this classic line! #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams @lekiusa @prethelmets @jaybirdsport @nordicausa @snocru

Skinning into the Argentiere Basin yesterday morning to attempt a link up. We got shut down by rapid heating, so we went to ski the Cosmique to Montane de la Côté. It turned out to be an awesome day in the mountains from first chair to sunset! #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams @lekiusa @prethelmets @jaybird @nordicausa @snocru

Sunset over a sea of mountains in the Alps. Usually, it's a bad sign when you are this high and the sun is setting. Unless of course you've just arrived at a hut. The past two days have been an amazing adventure to climb and ski the Domes de Miage in Chamonix! Thanks @Liz_daley @ktmillerphoto and friends! #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams

This is exactly the kind of terrain I came to Chamonix to find. @ktmillerphoto and me making our way up the Nantillons glacier. #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams @lekiusa @prethelmets @jaybirdsport @nordicausa @snocru

The dream team! @ktmillerphoto and I at the start of our tour up the Nantillons Glacier after our first ride up the Aiguille du Midi. It was awesome to get into some big alpine terrain today! Can't wait for tomorrow's adventure. #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams @lekiusa @prethelmets @jaybirdsport @nordicausa @snocru

Strength and beauty go hand in hand. @ktmillerphoto and @Liz_daley are two of the strongest women I know. I'm constantly inspired by their mountain accomplishments and honored to be among the massive peaks of the Alps with this team! #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams @lekiusa @jaybirdsport @nordicausa @snocru

Today was my first time ever skiing in Europe and this was my first line in Chamonix! We stumbled across this gem of a couloir on a tour from France to Switzerland and then back to France from Le Tour. Such a stellar day in the backcountry with @ktmillerphoto @liz_daley and @marqdiamond. #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams

First day in Chamonix! We spent time getting acquainted with the town, eating delicious French pastries, looking at maps, purchasing a guidebook for steep skiing and studying the routes. It was a nice and relaxing way to get situated and prepare for bigger mountain objectives. Tonight, we met up with local fellow @Patagonia snow athlete @Liz_daley and had so much fun out for a night on the town with her friends. The weather has been rapidly warming, but I'm hoping we can ski some fun stuff tomorrow! #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams photo: @ktmillerphoto @lekiusa @prethelmets @jaybirdsport @nordicausa @snocru

Bonjour from Chamonix! We arrived just in time to catch a glimpse of the mountains surrounding the valley. It was a lovely sight for tired eyes, after multiple connections and nearly 24 hours of travel. Can't wait to go explore. #bigmtndreams #chamonixoxo

The journey begins! On the airplane headed to #chamonixoxo with @ktmillerphoto. Has me thinking back to our first ski outing together, earlier this winter, scrambling up Toledo to ski a chute in the Wasatch. I feel so privileged to go explore the Alps with such an accomplished lady! If you haven't heard of her, check out her photography, videographg and ski mountaineering badassery. @lekiusa @jaybirdsport @nordicausa @snocru #bigmtndreams

Looking back up at my line after skiing a new-to-me Wasatch couloir. Probably should've skied a little less and spent a little more time packing today, but sometimes, sleep can wait. I'll catch up the 20 hours of travel I have ahead. #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams #find_away

Days like today fuel me. They give me energy, excitement and inspiration. I love my home mountains so much, but it's time for me to pack and get ready for my departure to Cham tomorrow! So excited to check out a new mountain range and find new #bigmtndreams. #chamonixoxo Photo: @tmacphee breaking trail this am on the way to the Hallway.

As the storm started to clear, I spotted this vibrant double rainbow over the mountains near my home in Salt Lake City. It seems like a good omen as I get ready to go on my big trip to Chamonix this week. #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams

This is how we set skin tracks in the Wasatch. Wore my stilettos the whole way up Limber Pine today with @tomkernan. These South facing LCC chutes have been excellent training for my upcoming trip to Chamonix this week with @ktmillerphoto! Follow our trip hashtag #chamonixoxo! #bigmtndreams

The couloir du jour- A feast of corn and mashed potatoes in Little Cottonwood Canyon. #find_away #bigmtndreams

I love waking up to sunny and snowing at @altaskiarea. #cabinlife #find_away

Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right. The clearing after the storm today @altaskiarea. #find_away #bigmtndreams #wpl

Today is international #polarbearday. Whether it is turning down your thermostat and wearing an extra sweater or carpooling, do one thing today to take action on climate change as a small step to #saveourseaice. Follow @polarbearsinternational to find out more. #ourtimeisnow photo: @ktmillerphoto