There's a storm a brewing! One of the things I love most about living in the Wasatch is watching the change from season to season. In winter, it's especially exciting to pay attention to the subtleties of how the wind blows and where the snow lands for future avalanche forecasting. I'm grateful for everyday I get to play outside here. Photo: @rob.lea #bigmtndreams

Exploring the Trans-Canada Highway. From Banff, we went west and stopped to see Lake Louise. It's hard to take a bad photo here. The scenery is stunning from every angle. This trip got me so excited for winter! @rob.lea #livelifeproof @lifeproof #ad

For some, wintertime is a time to stay inside. For me, winter means time to go on an adventure. Exploring the side roads of the Powder Highway on a recent trip to Banff. #livelifeproof @lifeproof #sponsored

When I was a little girl growing up in the Midwest, I spent all my time daydreaming about being in the mountains. On our family vacations, I found a powerful sense of belonging while backpacking with my dad and brothers and skiing with my mom. Those experiences taught me how to be confident, how to be aggressive and how to make my voice heard. And those lessons were the gifts I needed the most. I use them every day (especially on a day like this, approaching the summit of Mt. Whitney via the East Buttress). #OptOutside. Created in partnership with @REI #sponsored

And so it begins… First ski tour of winter 15-16. As a ski mountaineer, I train to climb up the mountains I ski down, usually just using my own human power. I was reminded today how much I love the movement of skinning uphill, and then to be able to ski down is such a treat! Stoked!

Happy weekend adventuring! I'm honored to be included on @instagram's list of 33 Unstoppable Women with superstars like @rhondarousey @bethanyhamilton @moore_rachel @sierraquitiquit @thekellyclark @danikapatrick @maya @chrissykay and @kimi_swimmy (among others). Check it out on the Discover page to find endless inspiration from this group of "real life Katniss Everdeen's." And thanks for following! I love sharing the journey.

On social media, we choose what we consume and what we promote. I love sharing my adventures, and I’m so stoked you all want to follow along. Thank you. I don’t know all of you, but I think of you often when I choose what to write and share. I receive a lot of offers from companies who want to advertise in my posts, and I ignore most of them-because I don’t want to advertise products I don’t use or need.When @REI contact me about the #OptOutside campaign, I got tingles. It was exactly the kind of campaign I wanted to lend my voice to. Instead of urging you to buy something, we are urging you to challenge the status quo of consumerism. We have the power to create a movement. I’ve never shopped on Black Friday and I’m stoked to continue that tradition by going skiing! It’s just one week away, how are you going to #OptOutside? Created in partnership with @REI #SponsoredPhoto: en route to the summit of Mt Hood captured by @rob.lea

#tbt to making tea while snow camping on the glacier. I'm in the process of planning my 15-16 winter trips! If you could go anywhere in the world to ski or snowboard, where would you go and why? Can't wait to hear your inspiration! #bigmtndreams #akgirls_way Photo: @jaybeyerimaging

I've been on a whirlwind of trips from coast to coast but I'm heading home to Utah tonight. I can't wait to see all the fresh snow there (and catch up on photo editing from the Canadian Rockies- here's a teaser)! Photo: @rob.lea

One of my first jobs in the outdoor industry was working as a greeter and cashier at the Salt Lake @REI store, and I'm proud to stand with them as we chose to #optoutside this Black Friday. We will see how conditions play out, but ice climbing could be the perfect activity! Last winter at the Bozeman Ice Festival, I had a great time free climbing just a few feet above the ground to get this shot with @ktmillerphoto. Created in partnership with @REI. #sponsoredPhoto: @rob.lea

Meditating on a vision of world peace. #peaceforparis #peaceforall Photo: sunset in the French Alps captured by @ktmillerphoto after we climbed and skied the Aiguille du Chardonnet

Bring it on winter. I don't get tired of seeing snow-covered landscapes.

This photo is from when I skied Pisco, a 18,871 foot peak in the Cordillera Blanca range in Peru. On the ascent, the wind caused temperatures to be much colder than I expected. As I climbed, I felt myself slipping into a near hypothermic state. I was angry, I was clumsy, I even cried a little under my sunglasses. But I persisted and finally warmed up in the sun to enjoy the beautiful ski descent. Overcoming obstacles like this is what @disneystudios new movie #thefinesthours is all about. Check out the trailer online and the link below to a contest they are doing on Tumblr that celebrates brave moments like this. Winner gets a trip to the Disney resort in Hawaii. #partner

Let it snow!!!I'm off to NYC, San Diego and Ventura, but I'm hoping to come home to Utah to a beautiful snowy landscape like this one I found on my trip to Banff. …If you're in NYC, I'll be at the @patagonianyc UWS store tonight at 7:30, sharing snow stories and doing a raffle for @protectourwinters with featuring awesome prizes from my sponsors @julbousa @jaybirdsport @lifeproof @goalzero and @allgoodbrand! Stop by and say hi! Photo: @rob.lea

Let it snow! Photo: @rob.lea #OptOutside @rei #sponsored

Good morning from Banff.

When I think about the most vivid memories of my life, the things that truly stand out are the ones that involved an outdoor adventure (like climbing to the top of Mt. Whitney via the East Buttress, pictured here). This year, I'm dreaming about all the ways I can spend Black Friday. Climbing, skiing, hiking, the options are limitless. How are you going to #OptOutside? Created in partnership with @rei. #sponsored

How I love the cold, crisp colors of winter.

Tired, irritable, stressed out? Try nature! (check out to see a very funny short film from Banff). But seriously, I inhale the stuff. Taking in a deep breath of cold, Canadian air today. Stoked to show #akgirls_way tonight! #bigmtndreams #imafreakofnature

A year and a half ago, I went on my first ski trip to Alaska. It was the culmination of three years of dreaming and planning with @liz_daley, and we did it in a special style, snow camping from a plane drop and hiking and climbing up the steep lines to shred down. @_jt_photo filmed and edited a short video,and #akgirls_way became a reality. When I found out it got accepted into the #banffmountainfilmfestival, I booked a ticket immediately! I'm excited to be up here in Banff for a couple of days to give this film new life, to see it again through a new lens and to continue celebrating Liz's life. Who else is up here in Banff?#livelikeliz photo: @jaybeyerimaging @goalzero #solarlife

Happy Halloween from Little Cottonwood Canyon! I love getting dressed up- this year, I'm a clown. This is the third year in a row that @brookegaynes and I have done a Halloween costume climb! So much fun! Have a fun and safe night everyone. Photo: @rob.lea

TGIF from a snowy run to the top of Alta, Utah. Happy Halloween weekend! Can't wait to get dressed up in costume tomorrow. What are you dressing up as?

I often reminisce about my trip to Chamonix with fond memories about the excitement of climbing big mountains to ski down. But what I've come to realize about moments like these is that they are not about summitting. I'm learning that the true joy comes from the shared experience and the sense of belonging we get. The mountains allow us to strip away all the complexities of day to day life and focus on simply living. That's the appeal, revealing the authentic self and being able to have a deeply emotional shared human experience. Photo taken by the strongest photographer/videographer I know and someone I'd share a rope with any day, @ktmillerphoto #chamonixoxo #bigmtndreams

Ok, it can snow now. Hoping to wake up to a fresh coat of paint on our Utah mountains.#bigmtndreams #poweryourpassion @jaybirdsport Photo: @rob.lea

For me, life has always been about questioning the status quo, going forward in the direction of my wildest dreams and creating a life based on playing outside. I wouldn’t want to live any other way.I’m honored to stand with @REI as they redefine our notion of Black Friday by closing their doors and choosing to #OptOutside. They’re putting the emphasis where the heart is, and I couldn’t be more delighted about the social movement they are starting.Doing the impossible takes bravery and courage. It’s a powerful step to a more enlightened future. I can’t wait to see how this shakes out! In partnership with @REI. #sponsored

This year, I'm so stoked to announce that I've been included in the @powdermagazine powder poll, where readers cast votes for their favorite skiers! If you have a second, would you do me a favor and go vote? A few lucky voters will receive a GoPro as well! Link in profile or go to: #bigmtndreams

Good morning from Guardsman Pass. I'm a sucker for a sunrise ridgePhoto: @acpictures@LifeProof#LiveLifeProof #ad

It's hard to find trails with decent views in Utah… (said no one ever)I'm proud of my home state, I love the people and the land. But I'm embarrassed by our dirty air and outdated energy portfolio. I'm tired of having to defend my decision to live here to out-of-state folks. I took these concerns to our state legislators, and they listened. I'm so proud of the work we did in DC, and was honored to stand with such a rockstar crew.But after 40 hectic hours in DC, it felt good to get back into wilderness. Happy Friday! Get outside and play this weekend.

Sunset over DC. What a day! We met with over a dozen members of Congress, the @epagov, and the White House! Together, we made our voices heard and let DC know that the snowsports industry cares about climate! Thank you @protectourwinters and to everyone who met with us! And to @brodyleven @kitdski @skiutah @snocru @liftopia @skibutlers @burtonsnowboards @thekellyclark @elenahight @gretchenbleiler @juliancarr @sethwescott @audenschendler

The water in those lakes should still be ice in the peaks above. Seeing the rapid melting of high altitude tropical glaciers in Peru, Mexico and Ecuador is one of the reasons I feel strongly that it's time to #ActOnClimate. It's part of the reason I'm heading to DC right now with a group of athletes and snowsports industry leaders from @protectourwinters to talk to our state representatives, the White House and EPA about supporting a clean energy future. But it's not just exotic tropical glaciers at stake, it's our home snow and ice too. The snowsports industry creates ongoing economic activity. What is the money from natural resource extraction worth when our air and water are too polluted to breathe and drink? I want a future with clean air and skiing. I want an economy that will sustain us for 100 years rather than 10. So I'm visualizing the future I want to create and speaking up about it. I urge you to do the same. …Photo: @rob.lea #peruski15 #bigmtndreams

Dreaming about desert adventures with @brookegaynes. I love the vast wildness of Utah desert, but sadly, like much of our state, our National Parks and other wilderness are affected by poor air quality. Utah is the last state to require coal power plants to reduce emissions. We want power plants to implement modern pollution controls so we can get fresh air on our adventures too! @protectourwinters and @sierraclub have partnered for a week of calling action to the @epagov to get #cleanair4utah. Want to join the fight?1- send a letter to the epa – post a pic of your favorite place in utah and share why clean air in parks and wild places is so important! Tag #cleanair4utah @protectourwinters and @epagov Can't wait to see your pics!

Being a well-rounded mountain athlete means being comfortable on rock, ice and snow. While snow is my first love, I'm stoked for #Rocktober to continue improving my trad climbing prowess. @LifeProof #LiveLifeProof #ad photo: @rob.lea

No helicopters, no chairlifts, just one foot in front of the other, taking the Red Epic cam to places it's never been. I am so excited to share my passion for human-powered adventure skiing in the Wasatch backcountry on the big screen tonight at the @warrenmillerent world premiere! It was a labor of love. In between trips to Italy, Slovenia, Oregon, New Hampshire, Vermont and Colorado, I had four days to film. Huge thanks to the rockstar team of @hopturnharry (our local guide), @rob.lea (the Sherpa), @jeffreyloewe and Colin Witheril (the filmers) for stepping up to the challenge to help me bring my story to life on camera. #bigmtndreams @rob.lea

I love sunset sessions in Little Cottonwood Canyon. @rob.lea rapping @LifeProof #LiveLifeProof #ad

There's nothing quite like skiing blower pow. It's so effortless- it feels almost like flying down the mountain in slow motion. It's pure joy. And on a day like this, I hardly ever feel cold. Deep pow is warm and insulating, almost like a blanket.I'm getting excited about winter and the @warrenmillerent world premiere this Friday in SLC! From the archives: my favorite unpublished ski pics. Photo: @brentbensonphotography #bigmtndreams

Watching snowflakes with excitement and anticipation. Won't be long now. From the archives. Photo: @acpictures #bigmtndreams

Face shots, pigtails and big smiles- from the archives, my favorite unpublished ski pics. Before I was obsessed with ski mountaineering, I was obsessed with powder skiing. In many ways, the goals are similar. To get the goods, you must have good mountain sense – you have to be your own meteorologist but more importantly, you have to read terrain well – steepness, aspect and elevation, on a micro and macro level. These skills take years to learn, and even after a decade of working and playing in the alpine arena, I still see myself as a student of the mountains. There's always more to learn. And I love every step of the journey. Photo: @leecohen_pics #bigmtndreams

From the archives. One of my favorite unpublished ski photos, taken on the trip where I really fell in love with ski touring. For the next week, as a countdown to the @warrenmillerent world premiere in Salt Lake City this Friday, 10/16, I'm going to post my favorite unpublished winter shots to start getting stoked! #bigmtndreams photo: @acpictures @jaybirdsport #poweryourpassion

Take me back to the mountains covered in snow and ice. #tbt to #peruski15 #bigmtndreams photo: @rob.lea

Greeting sunrise on the trail. Photo @acpictures #poweryourpassion @jaybirdsport

Dark skies matched my mood this weekend. Sometimes, not even the joy of being in the mountains can take away the sorrow. I was so sad to learn about both Erik Roner and Sam Jackenthal passing this week. I didn't know Erik but I can only imagine how much positive energy he brought to the world. Sam was a young competitive skier I used to coach. He always had such a fire in his eyes. He passed away from a ski related head injury. Life is precious. I don't know all of you personally but I cherish our interactions, do be careful out there. My heart goes out to all the friends and family members coping with the loss. Big hugs. #lightforsam #livelikeliz photo: @rob.lea

"I get high with a little help from my friends, gonna try with a little help from my friends." The thing that I love about climbing is how it brings people together. There are few closer bonds than that of climbing partners. When you're roped together, you have to trust one another. So grateful to all my friends who came to Indian creek with me to climb, watch the lunar eclipse and celebrate Liz! @rob.lea @brodyleven @brookegaynes @huckgaynes @megansharrod Megan's mom and @pattonmurray! @rob.lea

"We get by with a little help from our friends." Sorting out borrowed racks and gear in Moab. Thanks to everyone who lent us their gear for Indian Creek! @acpictures @timjones_video photo: @rob.lea

To celebrate the life of @liz_daley, I did my first leads in Indian Creek! Liz loved climbing here, and she encouraged me to get on the sharp end. I strive to emulate her spirit, strength and love of life everyday. #livelikeliz #bigmtndreams Photo: @rob.lea

@carolynswertka and I recently collected water samples in Little Cottonwood Creek to be analyzed for @adventurescience microplastics project. iPhone + @LifeProof case allowed us to enter data in the field. #LiveLifeProof #spPhoto: @andrew_burr

Trying my best to #livelikeliz everyday. I can't believe it's been one year since we lost our friends @liz_daley, @andreasfransson99 and @auclairjp. I spent the past few days climbing in Indian Creek, camping under the full moon during the lunar eclipse, just as Liz and I did on our first trip to Alaska, #akgirls_way, spring 2014. Camping in remote wilderness with friends creates some of closest relationships, and I'm so grateful for all those moments.

Sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone. Or stem across it. And remember that climbing, like all things in life, is about having the most fun. I'm excited to head back to Indian Creek, UT tomorrow! @LifeProof #LiveLifeProof #sponsor

Good morning from Guardsman's Pass! I love these crisp fall mornings. A pleasant jaunt through the hills with @rob.lea and @acpictures #poweryourpassion @jaybirdsport #sp

The anticipation of winter makes the reward sweeter. #LiveLifeProof @LifeProof photo: @acpictures #sponsor

Last night I had an eerie dream. In it, I was searching for Liz's ghost in the splitter cracks of Indian Creek. I woke up sobbing, still sad about the loss. There's nothing quite like the unconditional love and acceptance of a good mountain partner. When I was in the mountains with @liz_daley, I felt a powerful sense of belonging. Our competitive spirits fueled a lovely game of one-up(wo)manship. Few wounds are more painful than losing that. It's almost her one year death anniversary. In her honor, Liz's friends are building a climbing structure. They are throwing a fundraiser this Saturday, Sept. 26 in Tacoma, WA. To donate, buy tickets or learn more, go to @lizrockscampaign or (link in profile). Liz on the sharp end in Indian Creek, doing what she loved most. Credit: @zclanton #livelikeliz