One of my favorite adventures was a girl's road trip with @brooke.froelich and baby Huck to Peekaboo canyon in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. Brooke was a new mom at the time, and she continues to impress me in how she merges motherhood and the outdoors. I loved the feeling of working as a team- we navigated a burly 4×4 road to get to the campsite. We set up our tents, slept under a dark sky, woke up, and hiked into this slot canyon, all while taking care of tiny @huckgaynes (and stopping for Brooke to breastfeed along the way)! Looking back, I love how we embraced each challenge without fear. Believe it or not, fear is a powerful force in my life. The outdoors give me an avenue to explore that dark place. Later today I'm heading out on another girl's road trip with @spicinguplife and @katieboue, and I can't wait for the adventures ahead! #3girls1van PS – our national monuments, like this one, are still under threat – if you haven't yet, leave a comment for the @usinterior on why we need to protect these places – personal stories with specific mention of a monument go a long way:

Often, when I speak up about an environmental issue on social media, people will tell me “Shut up and ski!” It can feel frustrating to feel that I'm supposed to fit into a little box. I like to have space to roam and evolve – I’m not and never have been "just a skier.” I’m a climber, runner, hiker, endurance athlete, lover of the outdoors, activist, speaker and so much more. You may have started following me because of a sweet pow shot –if you did and are still following, thank you for letting me do me. I don’t like to always follow the rules.On another note, THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to my Grand Canyon half-marathon fundraiser to support the National Parks Foundation. I reached my $1K goal in 24 hours, and I’ve upped it to $1500! The link to donate is in my profile and below. I can't wait to explore the Grand Canyon this weekend and cover some ground! #KEENambassadorPhoto: @tmacphee

Congratulations @kilianjornet and @sebmontazstudio for the huge accomplishment on Everest. Thanks for continuing to inspire.

A lot of people have asked me what my next project is after finishing “The Chuting Gallery,” and at first, I didn’t have an answer. There’s a big hole to fill after completing a five year goal, and I wanted to be sure to follow my heart.Even though there’s still snow up high, I love the simplicity and freedom of trail running. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been finding a new spring in my running step, and I decided to sign up for the Grand Canyon Ultra this upcoming weekend to race the half marathon. It’s totally out of my comfort zone, but I’m excited for the adventure!My goal as an athlete is to inspire people to get outside, live a healthy active lifestyle and protect the places we love to play. As part of that, I’m running this race as a charity fundraiser for the National Park Foundation, dedicated to protecting our parks for future generations. My goal is to raise $1,000 by Saturday. Will you help me get there? Every little bit helps! The link to donate is in my profile and below: @acpictures #FindYourPark #GoParks

Fresh snow up high, dry trails and roads down low. I love this time of year! Photo: @katieboue #KEENambassador @KEEN

Bears Ears mini series 3/3: Bears Ears holds a special place in my heart because of @liz_daley. I went there after she died to celebrate her life and find healing. Anyone who has ever visited will agree; this land deserves protection. In December, it was set aside as a National Monument by President Obama after five tribes came together in an unprecedented act of leadership. Bears Ears is home to over 100,000 archaeological sites, and the land holds special historical and cultural significance for Native People. Unfortunately, the Trump administration, at the urging of Utah's elected officials, is trying to undo the Monument designation. Undoing or shrinking Bears Ears is wrong, and we need to speak up against this injustice. We have until May 26 to submit comments to the @usinterior. See the link below or in profile to find out how. #DefendBearsEars Photo: @forestwoodward

Bears Ears mini-series 2/3: In the autumn following our spring Alaska trip, Liz was killed in an avalanche in Patagonia on a splitboard mountaineering trip. When I received the call, I was devastated. She was such a light in the world, and it was a huge loss for everyone. My connection to Bears Ears and Indian Creek is through Liz. A year after she died, I organized a camping and climbing trip to climb in her memory, and try to find healing in those sandstone cracks. Doing my first trad leads in the Creek was a fitting way to celebrate her life. The loss still feels unbearably painful, and I miss her everyday. #livelikeliz #defendbearsears Photo: @rob.lea

Bears Ears mini series 1/3: Three years ago, in the spring, I went to Alaska with @liz_daley and spent two weeks snow camping on a glacier, hiking and climbing to earn our turns. Liz was a huge inspiration to me. She was one of the first female mountain guides I'd ever met, and she was an example for me of what I wanted to become. On that trip in AK, we talked about many things, including Indian Creek. She raved about the climbing there and encouraged me to take leadership with my climbing, to get strong, "carry the rope" and "get on the sharp end". After that trip, I spent weeks in Southern Utah, climbing desert towers and learning how to lead. #akgirls_way @patagonia_snow photo: @jaybeyerimaging #defendbearsears PS. That shower felt so good!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Thank you for all your hard work and sacrifice. And to my own mom, thank you for giving me roots and wings, and for instilling a deep appreciation for the outdoors. I love you. Photo: one of the most inspirational moms I know, @brooke.froelich and baby @huckgaynes at sunset.

I had a crazy day in D.C. running around with @americanalpine and @accessfund to #ClimbTheHill.We had eight meetings today, beginning with @outdooralliance for lobby training, then with the Dept. of the Interior, US Forest Service, Rep. Mia Love's office, Sen. Jon Tester staff, Senator Mike Lee's Legislative correspondent and John Tanner and Romel Nicholas from Sen Orrin Hatch's office. Representing the interests of the $887 billion dollar outdoor recreation industry on Capitol Hill was a powerful experience and every time I come up, I learn more and continue to develop relationships. Change happens slowly up here but I'm confident if we keep showing up, we will make a difference. My favorite part of the day was meeting with Hatch and Lee's offices because they represent the biggest challenge. And you all know how I love a big uphill challenge. While we may disagree on certain things, it's important to simmer down and remember to focus on the areas we have common ground. We're stronger when we come together. Onward and upward! #protectpubliclands

I'm trading in my ski boots for a lady suit to join @accessfund and @americanalpine in D.C. to fight for public lands. I'm honored to join a group of rockstar climbers and mountaineers (including @heyflashfoxy and @sashadigiulian) to #climbthehill this week! We have meetings with the Interior Dept., the US Forest Service and several Congressional offices! I'm psyched for the event. Stay tuned for updates throughout the rest of the week. #protectpubliclands Photo: @rob.lea

We can and we will march every week! The past three Saturdays I've marched, rallied and spoke for three important causes. Today, we had an impressive turn out to #defendbearsears and #savegrandstaircase at the Utah State Capitol. This week, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke is visiting Utah to do a review of our National Monuments, including Bears Ears, as part of an executive order from President Trump. The turnout today was a powerful signal to our elected officials that we love our national monuments! There will also be a public comment period starting on May 12. This is a good opportunity to remind you that one voice can make a difference. I urge you to show up and speak up so we can protect these sacred lands for future generations! To see more from the day, head on over to the @patagonia_snow account and check out my story and photo gallery from the rally. Let's keep up the momentum folks!

We ️Bear's Ears! And tomorrow Bear's Ears and Grand Staircase Monuments need you to rally at the Utah State Capitol from 1-3 pm to show Secretary Zinke that Utahns stand in support of the protection of these sacred lands. Sign making party before at @patagoniaslc from 10-12:30. I'll be taking over the @patagoniaslc and @patagonia_snow Instagram accounts detailing the day. Event info below:'t make it but still want to share your concern? Text DEFEND to 52886 to urge the president to defend public lands throughout the state. #DefendBearsEars #SaveGrandStaircase

#sponsored ~ Spending two weeks snow camping on a glacier, I learned that I’m much tougher and more resilient than I ever realized. That I can not only survive, but I can thrive in the world’s harshest environments.Every time I go on a trip, it leaves me with lasting memories that change me forever. I will never forget the camaraderie the four of us felt as we worked as a team to climb and ski our lines and the endless giggles we shared at night over hot tea and food. I carry those memories with me everywhere I go.I’ve teamed up with @Delta to share this travel story. I’d love to hear your stories as well using the hashtag #TravelChangedMe. I can’t wait for more adventures ahead! photo: Liz Daley

We all slip sometimes. It's how you bounce back that matters. All smiles after leaving some skin on the skintrack today.

#sponsored Spending two weeks snow camping on a glacier, I learned that I’m much tougher and more resilient than I ever realized. That I can not only survive, but I can thrive in the world’s harshest environments.Every time I go on a trip, it leaves me with lasting memories that change me forever. I will never forget the camaraderie the four of us felt as we worked as a team to climb and ski our lines and the endless giggles we shared at night over hot tea and food. I carry those memories with me everywhere I go.I’ve teamed up with @Delta to share this travel story. I’d love to hear your stories as well using the hashtag #TravelChangedMe. I can’t wait for more adventures ahead! photo: Liz Daley

I remember when I first started talking about clean air and climate change activism online – that was when I started to get a lot more online harassment. It’s easy to understand why people and companies don’t want to take a stand on these issues. But there’s a distinct difference between freedom of speech and repeated harassment or trolling with the intent to cause emotional distress.I want to continue to fight cyber bullying so that more people, especially marginalized groups, like women and people of color, can speak up and take a stand on issues that matter to them without fear of repercussions. So that we can run for public office in the future and walk through the world without constantly looking over our shoulders.What can we do? The most important thing every person can start doing today is bystander intervention. If you saw someone being harassed in real life, you would peacefully intervene. So why can’t we change the community code of conduct online? If you see a harassing comment online, call the person out. Don’t fight bullying with bullying, or harassment with harassing, but say, respectfully, that’s not cool. Fight fire with water and kill them with kindness and love. Support the person who is targeted without blaming them. Will you help me with this? Together we can create a more inclusive environment online. #stopcyberbullying Photo: @jjamesjoinerPs my hat says "Make America Deep Again."

The day I met @uelisteck in the Aiguille Du Midi tram line, he was going speed flying and we were off to climb (and have a mini-epic) on the Vent du Dragon, pictured here. It was only three years ago, but I felt years younger, more bright eyed and blissfully ignorant. The line between fun and tragedy in the alpine is a thin one, and the change happens in the blink of an eye. Ueli was warm and he had a magnetic personality that drew you in. I was star struck, grateful to meet one of my idols. A few short years, many of my heroes from Chamonix are gone. Perished. Swept quickly off the face of the earth, leaving heartbreak that never seems to heal. I think of our fallen friends often, and I see them when I see the birds flying overhead. It is a very sad day for the community. Next week, I am going to return to Cham and I'm filled with fearful anticipation, not for the mountains, but to return without Liz, Dave, Andreas or Ueli there. To all my friends that will be in Cham, I'd love to get together for a visit – let's make plans and raise a glass for Ueli, and find solace and support in community. Sending big hugs and love to all his friends and family and anyone who was inspired by him. Photo: @tom_grant_

Today, we marched and made a powerful statement – we will not tolerate the exploitation of our planet for profit.For those of you who say it is hypocritical to travel to come to the march, I have to say, it is more irresponsible not to show up. Travel has its cost, but this march was worth flying for. @protectourwinters @patagonia @KEEN #KEENambassador #march4pow Photo: @sierra

Today, we march! I couldn't be more stoked to be in Washington DC with a group of @protectourwinters athletes and activists marching for our climate and clean air.@keen #KEENambassador @clifbar @patagonia #march4pow Photo: @rob.lea

Today, I'm heading to Washington DC for the People's Climate March tomorrow. I'm marching to exercise my Constitutional right to peacefully assembly, to have interactions with our government besides paying taxes and getting the occasional speeding ticket. But mostly, I'm marching to create the vision of the future I want to see. A future with snow and ice for future generations to enjoy. To pressure our president to uphold our commitment to the world we made in Paris. Who else is attending their local climate marches?Ps if you're in D.C. tonight, join us at the @patagoniadc store from 7-9 for a march prep rally! Hope to see you. Photo: wishing there were more snow in Peru by @rob.lea @KEEN #KEENambassador

We talk so much about the benefits we get from spending time in nature- but how often do we ask what we can give in return? Our public lands are more threatened than ever. We need all hands on deck for the legislative battles ahead. Ask yourself, what Teddy Roosevelt do? Defend America's Public lands. What can you do? Contact @usinterior Sec. Zinke today at 202-207-6416 and tell him public lands are important to you. #KeepItPublic Photo: @meg_haywoodsullivan

This week marks the sixteen year anniversary of the day my half-brother, Martin, died in Stairs Gulch, pictured here. I moved to Utah shortly after he died and that's when I first picked up a copy of @straightchuter's "The Chuting Gallery." I thumbed through it, and at that point I had no backcountry experience. I saw Stairs Gulch, where my Martin died, was one of the ski lines in it. So I instantly had an emotional connection to the book, but it was so out of my frame of reference at that point—something that just existed in my imagination—that it seemed untouchable. But at the same time, every time I drove up into the canyons above Salt Lake, I saw these chutes in front of me.Read more in an interview I did with @backcountrymag – link below and in profile: Special thanks to @iflyheli for helping me see the line from this perspective.

I've learned that fitness doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't need to involve classes or heavy lifting or even other partners. It can be as simple as taking a walk outside. Read more about my training philosophy on the @keen blog! Link below and in profile. #KEENambassador #trailfit

Huge turnout at today's @sciencemarchslc, one of 600 sister marches happening nationwide. We flooded the Capitol steps and lawn (maybe 5000 people?). I was honored and humbled to be one of the speakers. Science makes our lives better (and more fun). It saves lives. Science is patriotic. It is a pillar of democracy. Right now, our core values are under threat. It’s time to make America Question/Hypothesize/Predict/Test/ and Analyze again. Because the scientific method is what makes our country great. #marchforscience

Earth day everyday. @rob.lea

Activism opportunities this weekend and next! Tomorrow April 22 – March for Science. April 29 – People's Climate March. Find a march near you: peoplesclimate.orgI would love to hear your ideas for signs for either 1) March for Science or 2) Climate March or both! Leave them in the comments below. Photo: @acpictures

This; right here, is what it's all about. One of my favorite parts of being a climate activist is going to schools to talk about how climate change is affecting our snow and ice and offering solutions to empower the next generation of climate leaders (watch out, they are fierce). Thanks to @protectourwinters for facilitating these "Hot Planet Cool Athlete" presentations! And thanks @brodyleven for teaming up with me on this one at @rowlandhall1867!#actonclimate #earthdayeveryday

Hi everyone! My post today is inspired by @missholldoll – I wanted to introduce myself to new followers. I am a Salt Lake City, Utah based ski mountaineer, adventure athlete and environmental activist. I strive to use my voice as an athlete to be a force for good in the world, to inspire people to get outside, live a healthy, active lifestyle and protect the places we like to play. I am conscientious about the brands I partner with and am fortunate to make my living working as an ambassador for a number of companies: @patagonia @keen @rei @julbousa @lekiusa @clifbar @movementskis and @prethelmets. I have a passion for human powered adventures and I'm so grateful to share them with you! Thanks for following along! Let me know if you have any questions or if there are topics you'd like to learn more about. Photo: me in my element, rappelling through the crux on the NE Couloir of the Pfeifferhorn. @emiliedrinkwater

Mud season – my favorite. If I could pick one season to chase all year, it would be springtime. Snowy peaks up high, dry trails and roads down low mean endless adventure opportunities await! What's your favorite spring activity? @keen #KEENambassadorPhoto: @rob.lea

Unapologetically imperfect. As a public person, I'm open to scrutiny and criticism. But for the past three years, I've been dealing with someone who has crossed the line many times. I'm working with law enforcement, but the tools to report and deal with it through social media networks are inadequate and frustrating. And I'm sick of being silenced. After I posted some of the comments I received on Facebook, @abc4utah contacted me and I went on the news to talk about it. Check out the link below or in my profile. And if you're a victim of cyber harassment, you don't have to deal with it silently. I'm here to support you and together, we are going to solve this problem. Sometimes you pick a cause and sometimes a cause picks you. I never wanted to be the poster child for cyber harassment, but I want to share my story to change the dialogue about it.

Deciding to ski all the lines in this crazy little guidebook, "The Chuting Gallery," forced me to bring my skill set to match the level of my ambition, to delve into my fears and climb and ski those lines I'd always stare at and think, someday. This day on the triangle couloir with @acpictures and @jonathon.spitzer was one of my favorites! Photo: @acpictures #bigmtndreams

It never gets old. #bigmtndreams @movementskis

Yesterday, I finished my project to ski all the lines in “The Chuting Gallery,” a steep skiing guidebook to the Wasatch by @straightchuter. To my knowledge, I am the fourth person and first woman to complete the project.I remember when I first laid eyes on the book. I was 16 years old, I had no backcountry experience. A year before, my half-brother died in an avalanche on one of the lines. This book terrified me. I was drawn it to ways that I cannot fully explain. It took me over a decade to get my skills to the level where I could imagine tackling these objectives. There was so much to learn – avalanche forecasting, trad and ice climbing, not to mention getting my fitness to the level where I still had gas in the tank to ski after hours of steep mountain climbing. Each line provided a distinct challenge.I had to put it all together on Ciochetti’s Ribbon. Surprisingly, this was one of the most difficult lines in the book. As the author writes, it is highly condition dependent. The high snow levels created very steep conditions, and the abnormally warm mid-March temperatures metamorphosed the snow even on the highest north facing aspects. The pro is marginal, and cracks were heavily loaded with snow and ice. It was a full on alpine experience with skis.I cannot stress enough how important it is to have patience with these types of endeavors and to wait for the right days. As a wise man (climber and coach Scott Johnston) once told me, “Alpinism is a dangerous game and the learning process is very slow and risky. One of the most valuable lessons you can learn as an alpinist is when to back off. The mountains will always be there. You can come back to them when you are better prepared but not if you’re dead.” Huge thanks to all my partners and sponsors throughout the project. And to @straightchuter @noah_j_howell and @tetonsandwasatch (the 1-3rd people to do it) for providing inspiration. Stay tuned for a film about it next fall with @ducttapethenbeer and @rei!!! Photo: @rob.lea

Couloirs are like the veins of the mountains. They lead right to the heart and soul. My love for these places runs deep. #bigmtndreams

I'm very close to finishing my five year project to climb and ski 90+ lines in @straightchuter's "The Chuting Gallery," a steep skiing guidebook to the Wasatch. After skiing the NE couloir of the Pfeifferhorn on Monday with @emiliedrinkwater (pictured here, on our second attempt), I have one more to go! Stoked. I might try and finish this week.

I always had this greater vision for myself. Along the way, people were quick to tell me I wouldn't succeed. "You're too small, you aren't strong enough, you'll die up there." It's hard to drown those voices in my mind. There's still so much implicit bias about what a small woman can do. We have a long way to go for gender equality in the outdoors. But I have hope for the future. My friends at @rei are making a big effort to level the playing field for women in the outdoors. In 2017, they are putting women front and center by investing in stories, films, adventures and creating huge new opportunities for us to shine our brightest. I'm so grateful for their support and excited for the adventures ahead. #ForceofNature #bigmtndreams on the summit of the Pfeifferhorn before linking up the NE and NW couloirs in an epic outing yesterday with @emiliedrinkwater.

April showers mean high mountain powder. #bigmtndreams

"To change everything, we need everyone." -People's Climate Movement This picture is one reason why I plan to participate in the People's Climage March on April 29 in Washington DC. Will you join me? Check out for more info on the D.C. march and the sister marches all over the US. #PeoplesClimate @protectourwinters

I love snow, ice and glaciers. And I've seen firsthand the effects of climate change in Utah and around the world. Receding glaciers caused by climate change are creating more dangerous conditions on climbing routes. It's also affecting us in Utah- current projections show that if we continue burning fossil fuels at current rates, Utah's mountains will be void of snow by 2100. Instead, we will have a future of rain and flooding. And that is not a future I want.That's why I'm horrified by our current administrations actions, signing the "Energy Independence" executive order, dismantling the clean power plan, opening up public lands to coal leasing and removing requirements for agencies to consider climate change when making federal decisions and much more. We can't afford this set back right now. So what can we do? Two things- check out the link in my profile to some steps @protectourwinters recommends. And prepare to march. Mark your calendar for April 29 and join a People's Climate March near you. #PeoplesClimate #protectourwinters

Some days the mountains grant you passage through their corridors. Other days, they give you clear signals to stay away. Today, we turned around on our objective due to wind-loading (creating dangerous avalanche conditions) and poor visibility. But it was an absolute pleasure to share a skintrack and adventure with someone who is a huge inspiration to me, @emiliedrinkwater. She is the 9th American woman to become an internationally certified mountain guide, and she is an all around crusher in all disciplines, with first ascents in Alaska and the Karakoram. Be sure to give her a follow, and keep her in mind if you ever need a mountain guide! #bigmtndreams

I'm like a nocturnal animal lately, waking up in the middle of the night to be on the top of the mountain for sunrise. That 3 am alarm clock hurts, but I never regret it. #bigmtndreams @patagonia_snowCheck out my story to see the day.

Happy happy birthday @rob.lea! Here's to another year of endless stoke. you like the dickens.

Spring is for ski mountaineering! #bigmtndreams Photo: @rob.lea

Freedom to roam. This weekend, I climbed and skied the East Ridge of Timpanogos with @brodyleven. After a season of skiing routes with numerous technical challenges (ice climbs, mandatory rappels), it felt so good to move unburdened by ropes and tools. We were able to ski almost 6,000' from the top of the ridge to the valley floor! I was grinning from ear to ear. Thanks for the suggestion @matt_galland. #bigmtndreams

It's easy to fall into patterns of stress in the world. Days spent walking quietly through the mountains, far from the constant hum of social media and notifications, remind me there is so much more to life. Check out the video from a recent trip to the Monashees via the link below and in my profile. #GORETEX #ExperienceMore Photo: @colleengphoto @laundromatstudios

There's a special place in my heart for my female partners. It was an absolute treat to spend a few days and nights in the Monashees with @evans_leah, a pro skier and fellow @Patagonia athlete. Tag a friend you'd want to win a backcountry ski trip with and check out the link below and in my profile to enter to win an outdoor experience of your choice! @goretexna #ExperienceMore #GORETEX

As I'm preparing to take my first road bike ride of the season, there's an opportunity I'm excited to share with you. @iamspecialized_wmn is launching a new global women's ambassador program – they are looking for 200 women from around the globe! “Our ambition with this program is to create the space and platform for more female role models and leaders to emerge and ultimately become a part of the fabric of the modern cycling culture,” said Vanessa Christie, Women’s Brand Manager at Specialized. For me, cycling has become an important addition to my cross training and recovery. But it's more than just exercise. It's a passion and a lifestyle. For those of you who feel similarly, I encourage you to apply! Link below and in profile. Application deadline is April 5. @rob.lea

"Powder skiing is not fun. It is life, fully lived. Life lived in a blaze of reality."Words by one of my personal heros, Dolores Lachapelle. It was a treat to link up with @evans_leah (fellow pro skier and founder of @girlsdoski) this winter in the Monashees. A few days in a backcountry hut skiing deep pow rekindled my spirit and brought me together with my tribe. See more about our trip (including the full length video) in the link below and in my profile: #ExperienceMore #GORETEXVideo by @colleengphoto @laundromatstudios

Part of what makes the Wasatch so special is the abundance of wilderness so close to an urban metropolis with over a million people. I'm so disappointed in our Salt Lake County representatives for failing to remember this. Today, they decided not to #savebonanzaflats. But there's still time. If we can raise $1 million by 11pm tonight, we can protect this land- I just donated $100. Will you consider donating to help save this beautiful piece of the Wasatch? Link in profile. Photo: @airandrice